Step By Step Sales Process for Gym Owners & Personal Trainers!

February 5, 2020

"This is the sales process we have been using at 4U Fitness and at many other of our Coaching Clients that we acquired throughout our success. 

We have about 20 more pages with details, and actual email, text and call scripts that will be released in our newest book! However these next 15 pages you will find MORE THEN ENOUGH 4U to get started with and to basically 10X your sales process! 


All I ask you in favor is to let me know how you liked it and what wear the results! 

Thank you! Enjoy! "




I would recommend that you read the first 3 pages first and take action for 30 days, then read the rest. It will make you wonders. The first Simple sales process will give you the tools and confidence and if you want to get even better then read and study the remaining 12 pages! 












Additional Tools 4U:  


Here is 2 Separate EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) Sales videos 4U. 
If you are not an EMS Fitness Studio, you can still watch this and replace EMS with Crossfit, Yoga, TRX whatever is that you do. It will still work. EMS is just a tool that I picked to explain the sales process. 


Video 1:


 Video 2:


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