How to sell the same thing better!?

January 9, 2020

So often I get new employees that we hire why does it matter so much how we are asking things or what we are saying to a new prospect and for even a client. 


Employees who have been with us know the answer to this. 

I hope you know the answer to this as well, but if you don't, now you will and you will never going not to care what and how you are saying it! 


Picture this: 

A new prospect comes into your Gym, and you ask her, "Would you like a cup of coffee?" More then, likely, the answer will be no. To be exact, the answer to that question at our studio is about 9/10. 



However, when we repackage the same coffee and ask this: 
"Would you like to try the nicest cup of espresso? " Our no changes to YES 7 out of 10 times. 

Just think about it. People have pictured in their mind a Gym that has some coffee probably horrible... Its a gym, and it probably comes in a foam cup yuck... But when you PAINT THE PICTURE to them that coffee changes. 


The same is true for training. When your prospects come in for your trial/consult appointment they more then likely comparing your gym to YouFit or to something like that and if you charge 5-10x more then they do you going to have to paint that picture and replace what you are selling by painting that picture or they going to compare it to YouFit and no offense.


Still, it's not worth 10x more when they can just get the same thing for less. 



Mike Arce had a great and short episode on THE GSD SHOW

He talks about it and uses Mc'Dondalds example. 
Did you know that they have tested how to sell up every purchase with the famous saying they say is, “Would you like fries with that?” It is the one that proved the most! Out of 8 different ones like Would you like to add fries to your meal, would you like to add fries today, would you like french fries today, and WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES with that converted the best.


So how you asking DOES MATTER. You should also take notes when and why clients convert the most and start using that most too. Also, when someone signs up, you should def ask them if they would like a suit with that. 


LIKE Would you like to add your very own under suite with that? That’s the most natural time to upsell them, but of course, if you love doing laundry, by all means, don’t ask. 

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