Step by Step Hiring Process for Gym Owners!

December 18, 2019

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But Before you go make sure to scroll all the way down because I give away all our AD Copy, text and images we use to attract TOP TALENT. Plus at the bottom I also share with you some of my favorite Essay and Critical Thinking Questions we use.












Hiring Example Ad: 




Example Text: 


The COOLEST Personal Training Job EVER



We’re not going to BS you so come on in, the water is just fine! We are 4U Fitness, a company of personal training studios out to REVOLUTIONIZE THE FITNESS INDUSTRY because you know what? It kind of sucks right now but has so much incredible potential to change lives. At 4U we’re already doing that and are ahead of the game! We've changed so many lives at our Florida locations we figured why not, let's take on an even bigger challenge to help the people of the Big Apple itself!

I mean when you combine mentally and physically fit people, who want to help others be the same and live their healthiest lives (that’s how we’re living our best lives), who are fun, energetic, passionate, intelligent (and willing to learn more), ambitious, hard-working, empathetic, relentless and so much more, you can expect excellence and nothing less than 5-starquality in all things we do and offer!

Let’s talk about what we have to offer here, get the bad news out of the way first?

-The not so good news-

  • This is not a cushiony job where you have a typical 9-5 schedule of any kind. You will never get too comfortable because we are growing like crazy and are adapting every step of the way!

  • We expect excellence, nothing less! * We expect MORE from our Trainers, they are not just trainers at all. They are COACHES who go above and beyond to make their clients feel like the stars that they are!

  • See for yourself :)




-The GOOD, nay,GREAT news-

  • We do not pay you $30 per session and keep $80 for ourselves from clients. You are SALARIED and the more you work, the more money you can make!

  • Bonuses offered monthly, quarterly, and yearly contingent on your performance and no we don’t mean just how many sales you can make!

  • We WORK HARD and PLAY HARD too! Team building events are a regular!



  • Personal and professional Development is a priority.

  • We provide and encourage ongoing education whether you’re a trainer, in sales, operations, social media management or more.

  • We offer a completely unique form of training, both Electric Muscle Stimulation as well as conventional weight training, so that our clients can get and keep the most amazing results!

  • Results & Experience are the #1 priorities!

  • Social media is the way of the future and we expect our team to be an integral part of that future so we can reach an even wider audience and help others outside of our studios:




  • You are 100% in charge of your career.

  • If you want to be a part of a project, cool- jump in! If you want to come on any of our 2 podcasts, sure- welcome to the show! If you want to work from 5 AM to 1 PM and again from 4 PM to 8 PM, go for it, thats when clients will need you the most anyway.

  • We will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be successful here. Once you graduate from our 4U Fitness Academy (we’ll enroll you upon hiring), you will be ready!

And that’s just to name a few things, this list would go on forever if we kept going! So let’s talk about:

-Job requirements and expectations-

  • Work at our newest location in NY, NY.

  • Evaluate clients and set baselines by obtaining and recording benchmarks and reassessing their progress to ensure they stay on track towards results.

  • Create custom exercise plans for individual needs and goals with incorporating our high-tech invention.

  • Monitor effects of meal guidance and work with our Nutrition expert as needed to help obtain optimal results.

  • Track client progress via 4U Fitness tools.

  • Follow up and check in with clients via phone, text, email.

  • Social media management- the key to our exposure into the world!

  • Attend all company meetings and team building events.

  • Meet your weekly and monthly goals as set by your studio leader.

Look at the and of the day, we’re on a mission. Our dream is to end the obesity epidemic completely. I know what you’re thinking, that’s basically impossible. But we disagree. Through our efforts we will educate the population one person at a time, while helping them learn how to share that knowledge with others. And we’re working with other fitness professionals on the same mission and together, nothing is impossible!

To accomplish a mission and achieve our dreams, we need a team that is willing to get down and dirty and not be complacent in their life. So we mean business and we need HUSTLERS!!! The kind of people who do whatever it takes to get the job done. If this is you….if you are ready to change the world, grow and develop in ways you didn’t know possible, and spend time with some pretty freakin cool people, it’s time that you apply for this career!

In all seriousness, when you’re ready, send a message to @4ufitnessllc on instagram saying “I want to be a part of the revolution, please email me at (your email here)” so we can get you started on our crazy fun interview process!!!

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $66,000.00 to $84,000.00 /year





 Some of our Essays and Questions from the 100s we receive:


This below is one of the Essays we received from one of our candidates. We use this to read their characteristics and see what and how they like to talk about themselves and others amongst many other things. 


I am excited to have the opportunity and share, why I am pursuing to work for 4U Fitness. I will reveal this by discussing three topics: my education, industry research and what intrigued me about 4U Fitness. These topics provide a complete picture of my pursuit to join the 4U Fitness Team in Downtown Orlando, FL.

As a qualified wellness professional, with over 12 years of experience, and a demonstrated history of working the spectrum of health and fitness; I was looking for a new disrupter in the fitness industry.


As an AdventHealth Alumna, with clinical experience in neurological disorders and focus in whole person care; I was seeking a technology to compliment my education. In the fitness industry, a novice person can study, take and pass a “personal training certification”, so I sought a certification that only those who have earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science can obtain. Now, as an American College of Sports Medicine - Certified Exercise Physiologist with the distinction Exercise is Medicine ® Level II; earned in effort to set me apart from many as I promote global health and wellness. After graduating from my clinical program, I got married and became a mother, all after 35 - and life took a beautiful turn into raising a family while coaching.

In efforts to achieve my goal of global health and lifetime learning, I began researching new fitness-based technology to incorporate into my scope of practice; specifically, technology based in science that produces results. I knew there was more I could offer my community, a local facility and my family with my vast knowledge and experience.


During my independent research, I’ve learned about EMS Training, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, also known as Neuromuscular Electrical Muscle Stimulation. With my clinical background in Neuromuscular disorders, I knew I wanted to be a part of the revolution sure to disrupt the industry. This led me to 4U Fitness in Downtown Orlando. I enjoyed learning about Mr. Daniel Nyiri, Owner/Founder, already empowering and changing lives in Florida; and now in the BIG APPLE with the New York studio – my home state. The interview process at 4U Fitness has been an educational process for me, and I thank and applaud you. This process has shown me the 4U Fitness has integrity of brand, coaches and respect for their current and future clients. I enjoyed meeting and observing Head Coach, Karolina who used EMS Training in conjunction with conventional training. She demonstrated how EMS is a perfect mix of science and technology to produce results in 20 mins, twice a week. Major statements by 4U Fitness that gravitate me towards the company and brand are “4U Fitness considers every coach an investment and believes that education and experience are imperative qualities.” This statement will drive the success and brand of 4U Fitness, create team loyalty and committed coaches. “With personal training and group classes never exceeding four members, each client gets the attention they want and deserve” This is now rare to see in the fitness industry with packed out classes, and lack of personal attention.


My research led me to EMS training, and 4U Fitness. My education has equipped me with knowledge to learn and train through the Academy. I hope to work for and with 4U Fitness to really shake things up and hit the ground running in 2020. I look forward to becoming a part of the 4U Fitness team and family. I look forward to empowering, motivating and positively impact the lives in my community. Together we can work as a team and leverage my strengths and unique skill sets to help grow the Downtown Orlando Studio.



My personal Mission Statement

My personal mission is an acronym E.L.I.T.E. = “Empowering Lifestyles, Inspiration through Educated Exercise.” My coaching is centered around whole person care to encompass 360° of Well-Being; rooted in education, science, safety for all persons from novice to athlete who seek to invest in their wellness.




4U Fitness Homework Q&A->

We send them few questions to answer. We are not looking for the right answers. We look for how they solve problems and how they think. Dependent on the answer these questions come up during the final in person interview. 


1. How do you plan on growing your clientele base?

I plan to grow my clientele base through the following methods:

  • Previous 1:1 client, family, friends

  • Word of Mouth 

  • Social Networking

  • Professional Networking (Chamber of Commerce)

  • Local Business Networking Events

  • Personal Marketing downtown 

  • Incoming leads sent into the studio

  • Booking incoming leads and turn them into clients

  • Turing my new clients into invested clients (and walking billboards)

  • Generate referrals from clients

2. a. How would you overcome an overwhelming number of clients?

To overcome and overwhelming number of clients I would:

  • Know my personal limits / goals and the limits / goals of my head coach while meeting studio needs

  • Practice time management skills to allow me to allot my time and the needs of clients to provided quality service to avoid becoming overwhelmed

  • Seek assistance of my Head Coach 

b. If availability is limited and spots are getting tight, what would be your solution?

If availability is limited and spots are getting tight I would

  • Work as a team with the Studio Head coach to ensure we are working; while independently; also, as a team to serve clients.

    • Overall, when the studio succeeds, the clients see results which is a win for the coach team.

  • Open-up my availability to meet client needs

Other options if a client has conventional training sessions needed to be complete

  • Seeking guidance and assistance from my leadership team

  • Meeting clients via remote (Zoom, Skype, etc.) If facility permits

  • If facility permits online training platforms

    • Online training as become increasing popular for busy professional seeking to invest in their wellness with limited time.

    • Online training platforms provide exercise banks, newsletters, email and texting correspondence – the vast number of online coaching platforms in this growing technological age can only help both the coach and the client stay connected with ease and committed and engaged.


  1. How would you make your work environment engaging and enjoyable for your staff and clientele?

I would make my environment enjoyable for my staff by:

  • Respecting the studio/team/and self with committed training times and hours available

  • Arriving to work on time, presentable and prepared

  • Learn about staff and clients in order to connect with them

  • Learn about clients, children motivation and remember that info they share to follow-up with them

  • Educate and inspire them to as the invest in their wellness

  • If online platforms are available: connect/engage communicate via the platforms

  • Other ways to stay engaged are: Social media, emails, phone calls, texts and active events or socials

  • If the studio allows – I can share how I’ve lead challenges on a 360° Wellness app that encompasses 360° Well-Being | Below are the 15 Channels of 360°Wellness

    • Aging, Eating, Education, Family, Finance, Fitness, Happiness, Health, Human Rights, Inspiration, Kindness, Relationships, Spirituality, Well-Being and Work

    • To date, I have led a 21-Day Meal-Prep Challenge

    • I plan to lead my 2nd challenge in January 2020. I plan to create a survey monkey for engagement and find out how participants seek to be engaged in their lives.


  1. If the punishment for parking on double yellow lines were death, and therefore nobody did it, would that be a just and effective law? 


  • Effective defined means: “adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result”

  • “The literal meaning of the term 'just' is fair, impartial, evenhanded, candid, or reasonable. The term can be defined in a wider sense to mean ethically, morally and legally correct or right; lawful. Depending upon conformity to or in opposition to law all human actions are either. just or unjust. Anything just would be in perfect harmony with the rights of others.”

If the punishment for parking on double yellow lines were death, and therefore nobody did it; the law in relation to the result – that “nobody did it”; then this law would be an effective law. In relation to question: Is the law a just law, then that would be an inaccurate statement based on the definition of the term “just” as we reviewed above. This law would be effective and not just The answer would be more of a two-part answer: If the punishment for parking on double yellow lines were death, and therefore nobody did it, would that be a just (no) and effective law (yes)? 




Another Example: 


4U Fitness

Trust, Growth, and Everything In-between.

First things first, I would love to thank you for the opportunity to express my
thoughts and visions for this role within such a dynamic company in 4U fitness.
Hopefully this will paint a more clear picture for you of how I can help 4U grow to its
fullest potential! That being said let’s get started!

Why me? Over the years, not only have I been lucky enough to travel around the
world and develop a unique set of communication skills that help me connect with such
a wide range of people from so many different walks of life, I have also had the
tremendous opportunity of being able to work with a company that was growing at a
large rate, fast. From just one small location in the heart of Los Angeles to now seven
locations across L.A. and expanding into Austin, Texas. By being a part of this at its
beginning I was able to see first hand how much trust, communication, and team work it
takes to turn a small dream into a marvelous reality and it sparked a passion within me.
A passion to fully invest countless hours of hard work, and dedication into something
that I truly believe will help others become the best versions of themselves.

Trust is at the forefront of every blooming relationship. As your trust in my ability to
grow our clientele base strengthens so does my ability to build meaningful relationships
with those clients so that we can have a deeper understanding of the technical
challenges that clients may face throughout an E-Fit program. This will continue to help
us improve upon the larger vision we have of expanding the company so that there is
very clear picture of how to interact with clients at a much larger scale. At the end of the
day helping our clients become successful within the right program isn’t just beneficial
for the client. It’s also beneficial for the bottomline. When our clients are thriving so is
our reputation.

As our reputation grows so does our clientele base and the need for more studios,
as this happens so does our need for a larger team to ensure that every single client
gets the attention that they deserve. This is one of the best parts of the growth process
that really excites me. By surrounding yourself with a team that all share the same
passion of connecting people to a fitness lifestyle that fits their needs through the 4U
fitness platform can be very powerful. That being said while managing at Alfred I was
able to really understand how imperative good communication is, not only between us
and our clients, but within our team as well. Where there is a clear vision and an open
line of communication the opportunities are limitless.

These are just some of the many thoughts that I have when I think of my role at 4U
in the beginning and even when we grow to amazing heights. Thank you again for this
opportunity and I very much look forward to hearing more of your thoughts moving


My Personal Mission Statement:
To use my gifts of meaningful conversation to connect and inspire others to strive
for a greater tomorrow.


Question 1.
Managing workload is so crucial for being able to grow at a steady rate. Between
incoming and outgoing calls for potential new clients, feedback calls for current clients,
welcoming new clients, weekly analysis of performance, etc. things can very easily get
lost in the mix. That being said I have become very well versed in programs such as
OminFocus, Outlook, and JReport for reporting which make organizing a hectic
workload seem as a simple task. Not only does my workload need to be organized so
that I can easily navigate through different fields, it also has to be easily understandable
for the rest of the team so that we can all benefit from the work that we do in the in the
client relations department of 4U fitness.


Question 2.
Measuring Success. Within a relatively new role for the company the ability to measure
what works and what doesn’t is an absolute necessity. Not only are we having to
measure the rate at which our client base is growing but more importantly we are also
conducting business reviews to ensure that the clients we already possess are satisfied
with their current workout program that has been crafted for them. Our success in client
relations is ultimately shown through the success of our clients! Now, using a more
business forward approach to measuring success would be by looking at our client
Churn rates, or the number of clients who quit using our E-Fit services within a given
time frame. By having a strong relationship with each client we can know exactly what
we do that works and even the things that do not work so that we can adapt to our
clients needs and ultimately keep our client churn percentage as low as possible and
continue to have steady growth.
Question 3.

Successful Sales. A successful sale is so much more than just getting someone to
sign on the dotted line. The first step in making sure that a sale is a long term success is
by using emotion. By creating an emotional connection between our programs that our
trainers create and the potential clients goals we are able to invoke personal interest
right from the very first lead. Second, is Trust. For me trust is one of the most import
parts of making a successful sale. People do not go into business with someone without
feeling that they trust that we have their best interest in mind. By being able creating a
likable rapport with a potential client it creates a trustworthy environment that enables a
long term relationship to grow, which is what we want at the end of every sale, a long
term client. Last but not least, we must be able to make sure that our potential clients
have a logical understanding of why our programs are not only the most effective and
efficient way of reaching their fitness goals but also that they are joining a community
that is ultimately there to guide them through a fitness lifestyle. These are just a couple

things that ensure a sale to be a complete success. Meaning that we have created a
long term client that is ready to fully jump into our program and grow with the 4U fitness


Question 4.
For me this is actually two separate questions. First being, Is it effective? Of course, it
clearly says that nobody does it. However, is it just? Being that it is highly
disproportionate to kill someone for a mere parking infraction it leads me to believe that
it may not be a just consequence for such a minor fault. This takes me back to the
parable of “ An Eye for an Eye” where the punishment should be equal to the crime
committed. That being said, there are so many factors to consider on why one might
have parked on the double line, thus for we must handle punishments with a discerning



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