Why Personal Trainers Lose Their Clients? "Explained"

November 20, 2019

Why do people leave? 


It's usually 2 main reasons:
1. They lost interest 
2. No Results


However, #2 is being Caused by #1 lost interest. And that is because we are in the service industry which means you need to deliver the top service of the industry. Because if you aren't someone else will. 

Especially in the fitness industry, we do everything we can to sign someone up and we feel so good about it. Then as weeks go by the service drops. You no longer fold the towels, make their espresso, welcome them with giant smiles like you used to. 


Now you might even feel you became friends so you start sharing your problems with your client. Here is the problem. Your client wants to do that with you and your client want to destress. 

And your client loses interest when she feels the same or even worse walking out of your studio. Their #1 judgment is: How did I feel when I walked into the studio to train with my trainer and how do I feel when I walked out. 


Just like getting your nails done as a man. You could care less about how your nails look... You go for that service, that makes you feel different. Same with the beard trim. 


The restaurant is different because if the service sucks you still struggle through for the amazing food! However, if the food suck and service are great it won't matter...


In the fitness industry, it's DIFFERENT! Opposite of the restaurant industry. 

Make your client the most important person in the universe during your 1on1 time and do not get distracted! only focus on her/him. Not on other clients, trainers, distractions and most importantly not on you. 



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