How important is client experience?

August 4, 2019



It is about the most important thing at your Fitness Business, especially when you are competing against the big box gyms and every single studio that is opening up in the area. THE LITTLE THINGS, THE EXTRAS are about the only things that will keep your clients coming back, don't ruin it.


You might have heard the story from the famous book The E Myth Book by Michael E. Gerber when he goes into a barbershop has an amazing exprience.


They welcome him by his name, give him a bottle of water and escort him back to his barber where they introduce him to sit him down give him the pep talk and use the hot towels before the cut and after the cut give him a face massage and then finish up. His cut is crisp, and he loves it.


He gets escorted back to the front desk by the barber, and the barber says to the front desk guy something beautiful about Michael. Then the front desk guy asks Micahel if he would like to set up his next appointment.


He goes yes I would love to. How is next month same time? Sounds good.


Next month comes by he comes in its a little busy so as soon as he walks in, they tell him to sit down and wait — no welcome by his name. Then the front desk person tells him you can go back now; there is some water in the fridge on your left if you want some.


He sits down the barber goes straight into cutting his beard, and Micahel asks his barber" No hot towel first? " The barber goes no its better to cut your beard dry because of XYZ... Okay, he goes with it without saying anything. Then at the end, he gets just as lovely, and the crisp cut looks great. No difference!


The front desk person asks about the next appointment he says, "sure same time next month. "


The third Month arrives he walks in now it's around the holidays so its not busy at all. There is no one at the front to welcome him or tell him what to do. Because the front desk person was in the back doing some laundry or something. The barber yells over "come back I am ready" he comes back now it starts with the Hot Towel again before the cut, so he asks Why are we using the wet towel? I thought it's better to do a dry cut. The barber says it doesn't matter.


In the end, he still gets a fantastic cut, and it looks fantastic, just like every other time.


He walks up to the front, and the front desk person asks him: Same time next month? Michael says," No, I am not coming back, and it has nothing to do with my beard".


The bottom line is that we love to receive the same exact experience the same time so you must focus on that client experience and make sure it is exactly the same by each employee and by each location.


Because if something is starting to lack or gets forgotten, your clients will notice right away! If you give out cold towels at the end and one day you stop oh, boy! You are going to receive some nasty letters an reviews.


You need to make sure everything is up to date, and everyone is doing the same. Significant your client's experience is the same on day 1 to day 199. It can only improve, but if it did, it has to stay up at the same level can not go backward!


So the unfortunate experience that makes me write this is that I was heading to Equinox in Hudson Yards and to give


you a perspective on how vital my espresso time is for me I even called to see if the espresso machine is operational because I plan my days between my three espressos per day. And it's not about the caffeine... It's about enjoying the aroma of the espresso when it's just me and my thoughts nothing else. Usually at a beautiful view in the background or just sitting in my office in my chair. But if it's on the go, I plan out my espresso time. So I did this time I am going to go in have my espresso upstairs in my OWN ESPRESSO CUP that I carry with me. ( yep that's right) It comes with me everywhere. Because one thing I hate the most is espresso in a paper cup and some places in a foam cup. Man, that is some bullshit way to serve espresso.


So I arrive at Equinox order an espresso, and the guy says the espresso machine is not operational. I lost it. You could see my right eye twitch as I jumped over and beat the crap out of the guy with the espresso machine pictured in my head.


I was pissed. I am like noooooooooo... I started to find out if I can fix it. I asked questions about what's wrong with it? Can I look at it? Let me fix it? I pay you if you let me fix it. PLEASE


He said no. I am like NOOOOOOOOOOOO yell out in front of everyone.


Sit down in the seat next to people who are looking at me weird... Not sure why. I start googling espresso shops in the area. No luck...


I realized I am screwed.


So guys yes if I were one of those crazy members (crazier) I would have left bad reviews and never return. Because that is about the most critical time of the day and I have planned it to spend it at this facility.

Where the people have told me a few hours ago its good to go!


So I hope you enjoyed this little Sunday story 4U about client experience!


THE LITTLE THINGS MATTER! Get on them! Create an operations manual and have an actual client action plan as in what kind of experience when and how they supposed to receive it by your coaches and staff from Calling into leaving your place for good.





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