The Ugly Truth about Business Coaches and Mastermind Groups!

July 29, 2019

Aren't you all sick of it by now?! 


Anybody with a microphone, with a podcast, a camera, computer, or a phone can position themselves in front of you as a so-called “Expert".



Yet they have not done anything to show they deserve the title.


It's difficult 4U to decide who is real and who isn't, and most people don't take the time to investigate the truth because these “Experts" are all over the internet with their content. They are just flooding the internet with content to stay in front of you, so that you trust them. 




Which of them has built a real company? Who had or has a gym right now? Is it one location, is it 100? Are they still in business? 


The problem is that most of these people have mastered the game of content and online marketing. Not the skill that they are teaching or selling, just the online marketing part. The sales funnels and squeeze pages and Insta/FB and YouTube marketing part.


Quite frankly most of these should be marketing for that expertise since you bought into it and not into their crap gym Sales Classes & Sales Coaching on how to close customers... 


For example, the person who is teaching you how to scale up your gym or close customers or build the most fantastic team to get you there might not know anything about any of that stuff and more than likely never even had a group of people to lead, maybe 1-5. I've researched 100s of them, and they are a team of one yet they’re selling how to build a team?! 90% of the time they legitimately have no real background or experience in building a real Fitness Business let alone a team. 


So to learn from these people on how to hire your first, second, 20th employee, might not be the best decision since they have never had a real team themselves.  


Most of these people just learned how to get in front of you enough to 

1) Position themselves as the expert and 

2) Earn your trust by having you see their your face over and over and over again with nothing really to show for their success. 


There are many decent ones who use their customers to tell their success stories. However even a BROKEN CLOCK IS RIGHT 2 X PER DAY, and you might want to ask the question to yourself did these customers with the fantastic results get the results because of this "GURU," or they earned it because they are actually great…? 


So what to do? How to find out if they are REAL or FAKE? 



Do your own investigation and google their name. Ask people about them. Look around. Is he or she all over the media? Being featured, being at speaking engagements as a thought leader? Has this person written a book? No, a REAL published book, not an e-book, cute. 


If the REAL business that they have sold or still have and are running is legit and you can find some real stories, features, and results about it you can start trusting that person more. But a good rule of thumb is to only learn from people who you would want to switch places with. LOOK THEM UP! 


So if your goal is to have more than one studio, you might not want to learn from a person who never had one or only had one to show for, especially if it is one that is not even open anymore. 


Know what you want and seek out the people who have mastered it. The only reason we are launching OUR MASTERMIND GROUP in 2020 is because we had enough people reaching out to us about it. 


I personally did not think about launching it till I "retire" and have someone else entirely run my company while I sit on the board and focus on the mastermind group and the retreats with you all! However, when you see a need, you jump on it. And there is a need big-time; I am not gonna lie the "FAKE GURU" crap did push me over the edge as well. I want to create the NO EXCUSES success formula 4U that will get you results or your money back. Just like our Fitness Studios all over the world! 


And as you might already know, my mission in life is to eliminate obesity, and this allows me to do it faster. As long as you are successful, you are getting clients to be healthy and successful, so we are just working together to eliminate obesity. 



Even if we never do business together, I hope that this article will help you as a guide to able to make the right decision when you pick your coach or mastermind group! They are handy, and there are so many amazing coaches out there, you have to make sure you do your homework before you sign up with one. 

Even if they are amazing, they might not the best fit 4U! And a REAL business coach will tell you that.





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