Partner up with the "Competition"!

July 22, 2019

Too many Gym Owners and Personal Trainers are too focused on the competitions instead of themselves and their clients. 


Let's clear up one thing. "Your biggest competition is yourself! "


Now that we have that out of the way we can move on to work with the Personal Trainers, Studios, Gyms around you. 


Don't worry about the Orange Theory, Fit Body Boot Camp, F45, Berry's, Crossfit next to you that is opening up. The thing is these brands are good 4U because they are introducing fitness to people who would never try fitness in their life! 


That's right. These clients, customers that are coming in are not your customers. At least not just yet.


You see, these are the people who could care less about fitness. They are here because either the fantastic instructor or more than likely their neighbor Susan made them come to this hot class in town. 


Where they get introduced to fitness and as you know its a little addictive, so they start coming religiously instead of just a few times a week they begin coming every day some even 2x per week especially if we are talking about SoulCycle.


Oh yeah, some get so hooked they come twice a week! 


All that is good, 4U! Because again, these are people that are being nurtured to your gym/studio in the future! The Susan that is going into Soul Cycle is not interested in your gym as of right now. But as soon as she gets hurt, burned out, or get more serious about fitness and her results, she will start looking into actually custom workouts for her needs. 


(I am not saying that these groups hurting people, however as I stated above these clients are the ones who jump into with no knowledge and end up hurting themselves, so they get forced to leave and seek out a studio where they get more custom workouts and more attention! ) There is your new client now all nurtured for your studio. 


So instead of worry about the competition, call them up to meet them and figure out who is their clientele and find out how to work together. 


For example, a guy who is all about lifting heavy weights and heavy metal is not going to be at Soul Cycle or Barry's, Fit Body... So if these brands know your brand, they will send them to you. 


That was just one extreme example.


But if you have Susan somehow coming into your studio looking for a fantastic cycling class, you might just want to send them to soul cycle instead of trying to service a client that doesn't need or ready for your services just yet. 





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