July 13, 2019

The million-dollar question that everyone wants to know the answer too.


Am I right? 



It’s all about the quality of the relationships you build, not the quantity.



Most of the Instagram post is about you. Not about your followers. You know the people you are following because they have made it have done something great that allowed them to be followable. 


Look at Gary Vee he has terrific content, and he is giving away what you need. You are consuming his content. But he started with 15 years of providing service to you. Not to mention two years ago, Gary only had about 50K followers. Then it began to grow as he focused more on his business and showcasing what he has accomplished in business and how much he cares about his clients, employees, and people. Empathy. Sounds familiar right? 


So firstly, why should people follow you?


Who are you? Are you worth following? No offense but there are millions of people out there. Are you with my time? There are just so many people with tons of content. We have so many options to consume content what's separate you? 


I know you are so worried about the follower base but look at Gary Vee or Elon Musk they have millions of followers, and their main focus was their people and to get their #1 thing done. Their company! Their #1 focus was their company and not social media, and that allowed them to accomplish something amazingly great. 

Why are you so worried about how many people see your content? Instead of worrying about what you should be focusing on HOW MUCH VALUE that piece of content has for your current "followers" audience. 

Just remember that follower count does NOT = Listening, watching! 


You could have 50K followers, and maybe ten people will buy what you are selling, and at the same time, you could have 100 followers and 50 people buy what you are selling.


Stop focusing on the VIEWS, LIKES, COMMENTS


Instead concentrate on making each one of those viewers care about you and your brand. 

Give Your Followers What They Want! Really Really Want! 


Back in the day...


...the game was all about post more because it showed up more times in front of more people, so you literlay earned like 50 followers each time you posted. That GAME IS OVER! 

Today Insta and FB AI is very smart, and now it bases your content that you post on engagement and guess what? If your fans don't engage with it it will go to the bottom of the barrel because Insta and FB is very very serious about engagement because they want their users to be happy and users won't be satisfied if they come on Insta and they keep seeing your content that they don't engage or click on. 

So if your content sucks, you not going to get anything out of it. 


The new game is


QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Let's get good at it. Care about your current audience and create real VALUE TO your fans! 


Everything will change. Or focus on your CORE business make it happen to accomplish some crazy big thing like send rockets to Marks or create a self-driving car, and you will see millions of people will going to follow you! 


Simple? Get Shit Done! 


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