Don't be a Victim of Slow Season!

July 12, 2019


Summer is slow, it's the holidays, this is our slow season, today was slow... How many of you ever said or heard those things? 


Yeah, it happens to everyone. And just like mistakes, you can make them one time. But if you keep making them overtime you are just incompetent to do the job or you just simply don't care enough. 

That is the bottom line. There is no other version. 


Because you can be a victim all you want but at the end of the month your bills are still due. 


So if you know that you have a slow season coming then you need to prepare for it. For example last year our slowest time was June this year it was our best time because we prepared for it since we knew it's coming all the while most people were okay with it and said I am just gonna go to on vacation since its the slow season anyways. 


With that attitude, you will never get over that "slow season".


A great business has a great season, a great month every month. And then when something bad happens like a hurricane or some sort of a disaster they are ready for that too because they have been preparing for it all year. They have savings and ready for anything. 


So what to do? 


Let's start with the basics. If you find yourself having a slow day do something about it. I was walking around today in the city and the place where I got my espresso was slow and I asked them how they are doing and they said it's pretty slow today. And they continued on watching Netlfix on their phone in the back. 

So obviously they did not do anything about it. Like bringing in people from the streets, get all over social media and offer a free drink if you wear USA Women's Soccer shirt etc... Or look up people and trending hashtags and lure them in from insta and twitter. 


Nope they were okay... But at the end of the month or day if its gonna be slow all day or weak they not gonna be okay... Then they gonna be a victim of slow season... 


If you are a personal trainer or gym owner and even if you have a slow morning that is the time you should do all your paperwork (instead being pissed off that your clients didn't show or they are out of town). Once that done you should pull out your client list update it. Look up left clients who have left you. And create a list of things what you think was the main reason they left you. Remember that personal training is a relationship business and your client have broken up with you and the oldest excuses in the book is money as the excuses. 


Make sure that you go over each client and think about if you were ever late, ever canceled, ever did or said something wrong. Did you give 100% at each session or were talk about yourself and your problems? 

Did you make your client the most important person in the universe each session? Really how? 


What's the difference in service provided between the people who are still here and the people who left you. How do you feel about them? 


You see you are already getting better! This will allow you to become a better person, a better trainer, a better coach and a better business owner. 


You should start calling up leads to get them in, work on your sales script, sales process, closeout leads, sales, follow up with old clients, create a live workout, create content for social media etc...

There is no such a thing slow morning... Don't be a victim. You can act like a victim and stay where you are forever or use these times to GET AHEAD! 


The choice is yours! Which one would you prefer? 



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