Title over Responsibility

July 10, 2019

Which one would you rather have? 


Unfortunately, most people would like to have the title over responsibility. Let me explain. Let's say you were given the prestigious title of CEO, COO or CFO or any of those C roles. 


So now you have all these crazy responsibilities and so much more work to do and at the same time, you also expect to be respected and have people do as you say. 


The question is:



Would you take all the responsibility of a CEO, COO... without the actual title? If they take away your title and let you do all the responsibilities of the C role would you continue doing them? 

Most people would say no. And that is the problem right there. It's not about the title it's about the responsibility. 


Most people would take the title.


This is why you see everyone is a CEO, COO... They would rather keep that title over the responsibility which means if we would take away THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE ROLE but they can keep their title only! They would much rather do that! 


Do you see how bad that is?


When Responsibility is taken, authority is given. 


You want people who are responsible because they will take the blame over anything and everything. They would never blame their team. Because they know they are the ones solely responsible for their own team. It starts with the first. That is part of the deal. 


And when credit is due they won't take it. Only the blame. 


If you want to be the leader that is respected get rid of your authority and focus on your responsibility! 





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