I don't Have Enough Time! Is it a Myth or Real?

July 9, 2019


Before I even start on this article let's make sure everyone understands the main concept. Everyone has exactly the same hours per day. 


You could say many things from money to opportunities to sleep to whatever but TIME is about the only thing in a day that everyone has the same amount. 


Seth Godin has written countless articles about time management and so did the author of The One Thing and the author of Deep Work. Both of these books will help you realize that you simply can not run out of time! 


As Seth would say "You don't use it up like chocolate or strawberries at a party." 


It comes down to priorities. WE ARE ALL very good at planning or I should say poorly planning. 

Because we can all create all colorful calendars jammed with crazy amount of items then share it on our insta and facebook account as of HOW BUSY and Organized we are! 


When in reality you are lucky if you get half of those things done. 


The problem is that you just like many other spend most of your time on low priority items that doesn't move you or your company forward as much as it pulled Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. Because they also have the same amount of time in a day as you are!


And if you about argue me that it's easy for them they are billionaires. Well they are now but they were not before... They were able to prioritise and get great return on their time invested. 




Because it's easier to cross over easy to do things off of your jam-packed calendar. And it's really hard to cross over just one big thing that would make you think you haven't done anything because the 10 other things (small items) are still there. Is that make sense?


In our head we are doing tons of small priority items to feel good and get shit done while the real shit gets pushed back and that is why we struggle and going nowhere. I know because I have done this many times. 


I know how good it feels to feel busy... and accomplished... When in reality all those 10 items you crossed over doesn;t matter as much as that single one that you have been pushing around for weeks, months... 


So What do do? 


LET GO the small priority items or categorize them only to a low priority day and that's it. Or create a new calendar where you categorize the items as

A: MOST IMPORTANT (RULE: Nothing else gets done or started until A is finished)

B: Rule: Once there is no A left I can move on to B. 
C: There is no need to do C if there is an A or B items are left. C could be erans, post office, phone calls, fill up the car, grocery store, cooking etc... etc... things that can be done by someone else or by another service. Including social media. 


I use my rule to ask these two questions: 



1: What is the one thing that if I get it done everything else will be way easier or completely unnecessary to do. 


2: If I don't do this thing what will happen? Or what will happen If I do this thing before anything else? 


Then after these I commit to the most important thing and no matter what comes up I get that shit done! No phone calls, no meetings, no social media, no notifications no interruptions at all whatsoever. If you know me you also know that I am almost impossible to reach me on my phone. There is a reason for that. Because I am working on the most important thing and if you are not on the schedule that help us move forward then I am gonna have to call you back once it's done. 


I have no notifications on my phone, watch or computer... You should turn them off as well. 


Did you know that: 



The average person gets interrupted once every 8 minutes. That’s around 7 times an hour, or a staggering 50-60 average interruptions per day!


The average interruption takes 5 minutes to deal with. That means we only get 3 minutes of productivity out of every 8 minutes we work – or in other words, we’re spending around 4 hours of each working day being interrupted.



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