Take it one day, one hour, one client at the time.

July 7, 2019

Way too often I meet a personal trainer who tells me that they are burning out. 

Guys remember why did you get into this business the first place? To help people right? It is easy to forget in the daily grind. However, all you need to do is take it by the day, take it by the hour and most importantly take it by a client by client. 


If you want to be happy and successful you first need to learn to make others happy and successful! 

Forget about what's in it 4U and focus on that client! That client is trusting you 100%. Focus on that promise you have made and just be there for them. 100% make her the most special person to you in the universe for that hour you are spending with her. You will soon realize that you love what you do! And you gonna learn to fall in love again. 

Now all of the above only works if you have a purpose in life. What are you working for? 
It is totally fine if you are wanting to train clients daily and help them! Then you are there you are living the dream! 

Do you want what the top 5% have ? 

If you have a bigger desire for money, freedom, things, travel whatever it is, you can get it but you need to put in the work the top 5% of people put in to get there. It's easy to get in the loss of the world of Instagram. Just like some of your clients! Do they really want that 6 packs? If yes YOU KNOW VERY WELL they need to put in shit tons of work to get it. So why do you expect to get everything without putting in the shit tons of work first? Just like 6 packs.

Get your higher purpose on track so it gets you out of bed and spend at least 30 minutes a day improving your job! Then there is no way you aren't moving up! There is no way your company isn't moving up! There is no way you are stuck! HOWEVER if you sit back and say I am good you are going to get the same thing over and over and closest you can get to your goals will be in your dreams. 

Just think about it:


If you are improving and bringing value to your clients each day, you are bringing value to your company each day. There is no way in hell you get stuck! THE CLIENT CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE YOU AND THE COMPANY CANT AFFORD TO NOT TO PROMOTE YOU.





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