🧐Its critical to take time to think!

March 21, 2019

⚑️As a company as a person!

⚑️its critical to set a time apart to look around, to think! You need that amount of clarity to able to grow! 


⚑️Anytime our employees say I am too busy to pause, to meet, to plan-> thats a red flag to me and it alerts me that we either doing things inefficiently or we need to hire more people. 


⚑️We need this space to design, plan, grow... unfortunately in this fast paced world full of distractions and notifications you cant get it by default UNLESS you plan it! 


⚑️Create the space to explore and think!

⚑️Don’t be too busy doing to think about life. Create space to explore life.Β 

⚑️Do not jump on the latest opportunity, or respond to the latest email. Create the space first. 


Perfect example is Isaac Newton he spent two years to create his famous writing on the Laws of Motion. When he was asked how he accomplished that his response was By Thinking on continually. In other words Newton created space for intense concentration and this uninterrupted space allowed him to explore the universe.Β 


Our employees so each monday they take 45 minutes out of their busy day and schedule to able to SPEND TIME ON THINKING AND DESIGNING! It is crucial that they plan out their days and weeks ahead of its time each week.Β 


Most of our employees also Journal. They picked it up on their own because they see me walking around with a journal and making notes all they long. However we are making this a requirement and gifting each new employee a journal as well because its hugely important Alex Hormozi & Leila Hormozi makes their amazing team do the same. They have grown a successful company in the high millions and they take time to pause and ask all their people to do the same.


Michael Keeler and Mark Fisher founders of Mark Fisher Fitness and Business for Unicorns in NYC is another extremely successful company that actually has a course available for public to anyone to take the TIME NINJA Course. And yes you guessed it. It is all about journaling daily. Of course amongst many other things but the bottom line is that you need to write shit done to able to get shit done.Β 


Amazing books on this topic that you must read:Β 


Clockwork by Michael MichalowicsΒ 

The one Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

Deep Work by Cal NewportΒ 

Essentialism by Greg McKeownΒ 

The Effective Executive Peter DruckerΒ 



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