March Book Report for Business Owners!

March 13, 2019



Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz


If you have read the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (been there done that) you are ready to read this one!


The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is about planting that seed, getting yourself into start-up mode, and kicking off your business! The Pumpkin Plan takes it to the next level by focusing on seriously growing that seed!


Mike starts out with the analogy of a pumpkin so big and obtrusive that everyone notices it. The pumpkin stands out in the neighborhood and eclipses all other pumpkins, everyone wants to take selfies with it and share pictures of it on social media while the others are virtually unnoticed. It’s the same with businesses. There are big businesses that everyone talks about and patronizes, there are also the average businesses that only get to attract a few clients or customers. No one dreams of starting an average or below par business; everyone wants their business to be huge and outstanding! Mike gives you the perfect tools and action plan to do just that- build an outstanding business- with Pumpkin Plan!


When you’re done with Pumpkin Plan, you will walk away knowing exactly what to do to be able to continue on that entrepreneurial dream by creating your niche market, firing your bad customers and only focusing on your most profitable clients. You will also learn how to audit your time so as to laser focus on what matters the most!


As you know, an entrepreneur’s job is to find a problem, create a solution then systemize it and get people to do it. However, most entrepreneurs get stuck on the doing stage till they burn out from the inside to the outside. This book will literally prevent that from happening to you




 Little black stretchy pants - Chip Wilson


This is the story that Lululemon executives don’t want you to know by founder Chip Wilson.


The book starts out with Lululemon’s Vision, Mission, Principle, Goal and Core Values!


Then it gets into the history of Chip before he started Lulu. I just want to point out one thing that is crazy important in today’s society- Brand! Chip was able sell his previous business called Westbeach for 15 million dollars based solely on brand value even though it only generated about $40,000 per year in profits and it had tons of debt!


This shows you that the value of a brand cannot be measured until someone else is willing to pay for it.


The book starts out with Chip’s childhood and how he grow up and landed an amazing job in Alaska that allowed him to come home with around $600,000 that he earned with 18 hours of work per day.


Then he explains how he blew some of this money on a house a Mercedes Benz, and in the 70s to repair anything on these cars, they had to fly in parts so he learned a lesson on maintenance the hard way. He also says that he bought the house with a huge interest. About 4-5x higher interest then he earns on the cash he still has in the bank. Keep it in mind he was still in his early 20s.


Then it gets really interesting because he goes on to tell his amazing entrepreneurial story which details how he started with lemon stand like shops to sell the fashionable shorts he manufactured with his company called Westbeach.


He explains how he hired people, managed work flow, purchased inventory and all of this while there was no google or youtube to look for an answer! Hell, there were neither cell phones nor internet!


Chip had this amazing talent to see the future and predict the trends before anyone else. He says it’s a talent and curse. He predicted the black stretchy pants for women 5 years before it became a trend. And as you know NEW is always scary to the crowd. His story really touches me on a personal level as we are going through the same with our full body electric muscle stimulation suits. We have brought it in to the U.S. and everyone was scared of it at first and the industry was definitely against it, and now, just about 5 years after, it’s finally becoming a trend! We went from owning just one studio in the U.S.  6 years ago to having a full body FDA cleared suit and over 50 studios today in the U.S. We’ve also gone from cajoling people to try it to having pro athletes, celebrities, models using it and promote it on their own!


I love how detailed Chip is in this book and how he adds in pictures as well! I especially love how he explains their early advertising stages with lululemon. He had some amazing ideas!



Clock Work by Mike Michalowicz


This is the perfect book for December-January! I guarantee that it will clear things up for you and it will allow you to work on your business instead of getting stuck in it!


He will challenge you to take a 4 week vacation from your business at the end of the book! And what’s more? He will show you exactly how to go about it.


I did this about a year ago in the middle of opening our newest location. I left for 4 weeks to Europe and not only did my business survive, it thrived because everyone was clear on what to do and had a huge responsibility to deliver on it.


Another amazing book by Mike! You know it’s kind of funny how in almost any movie the sequel is always worse than the first one. Well in books and in Mike’s case it gets better each time! I have read all of his books and this one is really really up there with Profit First which is also a revolutionary book by Mike!


Imagine Clockwork as exactly the same book as Profit First but instead of money it’s about something way more important: Time!


As usual, you will laugh a lot. Mike did not leave out any jokes from this book just like the others.


Great and easy read that challenges you to take action by calling you out in the first few pages already to join the community on


Then Mike gets into his struggles and how it took over 10 years and a few businesses sold till he realized what he was doing is not right.


If you are able to at least think about and take action on The Survival Trap which he is talking about basically in all of his book you will be at a way better place in life and business!


It is a never ending cycle where we react to whatever comes up in business, either problem or opportunity. Doesn’t matter it is equally bad. It is a trap because we respond to what is urgent instead of what is important! On top of that we get the satisfaction of fixing the problem! It makes us feel good; we feel like we are making progress, however, we are stuck in reaction cycle...


Most people never get out. Remember that you either become the victim or the author! Which one are you going to be?


So the seven steps of Clockwork will help you get out of this trap! It will also prevent you from becoming an Entreprewhore even if you are one now. It’s okay, everyone has been there! You do anything for any price when a client shows up!


This book will help you end that as well!


You should most definitely read in this order: The Pumpkin Plan, Profit First, Clockwork!



 Surge by Mike Michalowicz


Another great one by Mike. How does he get so lucky right? Or should I say he has mastered the surge?


This book is all about that Surge and why some businesses blow up while some don’t. Mike does an amazing job breaking down the LUCK myth. This book is so easy to read and digest, however, I really recommend to everyone to listen on Audible if you can because you will get more out of it. Usually that is not the case especially with books like Clockwork or Profit First. In those I recommend reading it for digestions and taking action purposes.


However, Surge is the perfect book to listen to, and Mike, if you have not seen him speak or listened to him ever before, oh boy you are in for a treat! He is an amazing entertainer. You’re gonna love it. The book really comes alive with him actually reading it!


The book will give the perfect and simple formula on how to find your niche market, how to manage your good and bad clients, and it is also going to show you with countless action steps on how to get in front of them and so much more!




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