The use of Click Funnels Hack for Gym Owners and Entrepreneurs

December 14, 2018

Niajae is a specialist in the use of Clickfunnels for the development of other people’s business. She revealed that when she realizes that Clickfunnels is very instrumental to the growth of an industry, she dropped her previous trade out of a sheer passion for assisting the other entrepreneurs in making life easier for them and their business.


Below are some of our productive discussion with Niajae which can help your business growth either as a business owner.


How did you discover Clickfunnels?


Niajae explained that she found out Clickfunnels as a result of her needs to create free time out of her business schedule and still have the full control of her business and clients in a simple way.




Basically, what is Clickfunnel?


According to Niajae, Clickfunnels is a complete business software package which allows every user to create landing pages, online classes for clients, membership sites, online question platform, sales funnel and other affiliated programs which can help boost business productivity.


Is Clickfunnels only designed for Online business?


Clickfunnels can be used by any form of trade as long as the business has its target clients. She added that Sales funnel can be used by anybody, and the difference between sales funnel and websites is that sales funnel allows you to create call-to-action pages. Also, it enables users to get clients’ email address and track their activities on their page.


How can one get started with Clickfunnels?


Clickfunnels is a drag and drops software which anyone with a basic understanding of technology can handle. However, in a situation where you don’t have the time to create your sales funnel or lack the basic knowledge required, tech consultants like Niajae can be called upon. For instance, she creates contents for clients, helps enhance their Ads – most effectively through Facebook – and assist in building clients’ pipeline.


How do you create Contents?


Niajae explained that she uses people’s style of living, for instance, where people shop, how they buy, what people do outside the gym or the lifestyle of gym owner –  and any other entrepreneur as the case may be. She added that the use of lifestyle photo, blog contents and giving values to others also help her content delivery.


What values can assist online business growth?


Niajae stated that embracing one’s uniqueness, consistent engagement with clients such as through Facebook, and giving values to others are very vital to business growth.

In the end, she added that some of the common mistakes people do make with sales funnel are; their inability to know their targeted audience, creating a complex sales funnel instead of simple one, and failure to give values to others.

Hopefully, you have learned one or two things in this episode, until the next time where Niajae will be speaking on Masterminds, how to understand Masterminds, why should you join one, and explaining its components, don’t stop growing your business. Thank you!  



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