How to write a best-selling book in a few months.

November 24, 2018


In this episode of FitBiz, Topher Morison is our dear guest. Topher Morison is an astute writer and the Managing Director of the Key persons of Influence. Also, he has been a public speaker for thirty years. Herein, we will be revealing the mistakes many make while writing, how to avoid them, and how to write successfully within a few months as discussed with Topher Morison. Read along!


Why should you write?


Morison revealed that one of the most significant importance of writing is Credibility. A script gives credibility to an organization. For instance, in a country with over 24,000 gym owners, only a few owners will write a book. Those writing books about their product and productivity will have the upper hand among others as the people's perception is that those who write are specialist in their field.


How do you start writing?


The primary thing to do before you start writing is knowing your audience. These are people who will read your book. Morison explained that mostly, people choose to have their book read by all, but the right thing is to have your book understood by a group of individuals. Writing for one person will allow your book to speak to a particular group of masses. Hence, you have to determine your audience before you begin writing.


How to select a topic?


Many feel that it is best to choose a topic before they begin writing so as not to lose focus. While this may be true, it is best advised to be flexible. Be ready to change your topic while writing or after writing if, in the end, you realize the topic doesn’t suit your book correctly.


How to organize one’s thought in a book?


Morison explained that the most effective and contemporary way of writing strategy is the Diamond mapping method developed by a writer recently. It works by drawing a diamond with branches at its edges, writing a particular chapter topic at its center, then write the specific subtopics on the branches. Below each branch, write the points to be written. These points will be the paragraph to be explained in your book. And, with the same approach, write for the other chapters, and before you know it, your book is ready.

On a final note, he added that every writer should write with inspiration and when inspired. For easy writing, Morison recommends the use of Scribbler app.


By clicking below you watch him explain the Diamond method step by step:



We hope you have gained a lot in this piece, until our next episode, do have a wonderful time writing your mind.




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