October Book Review for Business Owners!

October 30, 2018




This October was no good for books, and I have picked besides these two below of course!


The other 3 I have read this month is not worth mentioning. However, these two below are highly recommended and the first one is probably in the top 10 read books for me this year! The second book below is also great and I highly recommend it so you can have a better idea on how to deliver the perfect message on your website, flyers, brochures, social media and in person!


It is one of those must read books so you can leverage on advertising and the use of social media agencies. You need to have an understanding of all this to get the full picture.


Without any further, please do go and read my review on these books. I tried as much as possible to keep it short and cut to the chase. Just go ahead and read them!


Great CEOs are Lazy by Jim Schlecker


When I first picked up this book, I thought it was going to be like one of those 5 hour work week books, so I wasn’t really interested. But then, when I saw Seth Godin endorsing it in a great way then I thought to myself, you don’t get anything better than that! Seth would never endorse something he doesn’t support.


I chose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. - Bill Gates


You will learn how and why great CEOs are very clear about working hard on a very limited number of tasks that make all the difference to their business and they refuse to spend significant time on anything else.


He breaks down the CEOs into 5 categories:

 The 5 hats 🎩 of a successful Gym Owner


💪The Learner: They realized they don’t have all the answers. They also realize that in order to keep their gym growing, instead of focusing on training clients, they need to focus on learning. Books, Expos, Podcasts, Mentors, Mastermind


💪The Architect: They plan, think, measure, tweak and spend time on their current business model to improve it and to find ways to grow their team and develop processes so their trainers can be successful.


💪The Engineer: With their Architect hat, they ask “WHAT” with their Engineer they ask “HOW”! Creating that WOW experience for their customers. They are looking for functional and systematic ways to improvements!


💪The Coach: They spend time on finding “The players,” attract them, keep them, and develop them. They also put the right people into the right seats and look for strengths and weaknesses.


💪The Player: They jump into all the different roles of the gym: Sales, marketing, calls, operations, training... whatever their passion might be! This 🎩 can be very valuable and dangerous at the same time! So wear it wisely! I see too many gym owners getting stuck in the player hat.


Now that you know the 5 important parts of your business you need to know when to wear what hat and when you should delegate things instead! You constantly need to asses your business and look for bottlenecks to determine what 🎩 to wear!


The book breaks down these 5 categories so much that inside these categories, there are sometimes 5 more categories on how to protect your business against customers like building “moats” around your business.


This book is up to date and very easy to read. It also has a summary of each chapter with highlights of the must-know items that are essential to your business!


A great question to ask yourself in order to find out the kink of your business that you must work on is: If a genie came upon you and granted a wish 4U to make your business better what would that be? Quicker close cycle? Improved ability to attract better talent? Whatever the answer is, that is a good place to start and break it down!


If you do not use metrics in your business which would be a huge problem if you aren’t! You need to get started on measuring everything!


At least ask these 3 questions to try to find the problem:


  1. What is the one place in your business where a change could bring about the most profound economic impact?

  2. What is the biggest risk factor your business faces? What is the one thing that could derail your business?

  3. What is your companies biggest pain point? Is it internal? External? Operations? Clients?



Building a Story Brand by Donal Miller


An amazing book for all business owners, anyone and everyone! 

Because it is about how to market yourself or your company. Which you do every single day to your wife, husband, girlfriend, children, boss, customers etc…


In summary, this book is a must read for everyone. I love how it goes into details and gives you real good examples with movies. To show you how real this is and how the real amazing brands are using this just like the real movies.


The most important take away from this book which we are already using and teaching at our company is to make your customer the Hero and you be the Guide! The sidekick! 

So many people and companies make the mistake of positioning themselves as the heroes. That is a huge mistake! Nobody wants a hero they want a guide.


Don’t believe me? Look at Frodo, he had Gandalf, Look at Luke he had Yoda.


That’s who you need to be to your customer the Yoda! A guide for them so when they wake up every morning facing their internal, external and physical problems, you are there for them. And the first thing you need to do as a guide is to identify their villain then you can come up with the journey and most importantly where you are going to take them!


Everyone wants to know what’s waiting for them at the end so make sure you point that out! Which means you will need a plan!


Once you have a plan and learn how to create one, it will also walk you through how to explain to your client what’s going to happen if they miss out on you.


I highly recommend this book, honestly, I don’t have anything bad to say about it besides it started out slow but it really turned out to be amazing. Well, it worth the wait and the build-up just like all great movies!





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