An Inspiring Session with Ryan Watson

October 13, 2018


This is an enlightening and motivating success story of the 6 feet and 2inches tall, Ryan Watson; a former NFL player turns a successful Body builder.

Ryan Watson holds a Bachelor degree in Exercise, health, and Nutrition, and he is the founder of the now much-recognized FitSupremacy.




Watson’s path to becoming a successful trainer started since his high school days, where he loved to read about people from the magazine and design a workout plan for his mate. However, he also had a passion for football and played for about five years in Boone, North California - Ryan’s college.


After graduation, Ryan got signed with Tennessee Titans, where he furthered to join the Atlanta Falcons. Although Ryan was recognized for his exceptional performance, he decided to stay humble and focus without listening much to people’s praise. After two years, Ryan’s path in football career was cut short with severe pain at the neck coupled with a shaky hand. To avoid paralysis, Ryan halted his football career and took up a trainer’s career; a job he loves to do.


After getting an NLCA certification, he started training players professionally but had some challenges as a beginner. These challenges include training location, market niche, and seasonal difficulties. However, one of the reasons he kept moving and working hard is that he loves seeing his athletes been fit and doing well on a daily basis. He revealed that he does have a consultation with female clients, and explained that this solved most of his problems as they are set of fantastic referral source, most especially if you can help them get a flat tummy and a nice butt – a common request from the females.   


The 300 pounds weighted Ryan Watson further revealed how he came about the logo and brand of his new company named FitSupremacy. It all started with Ryan Watson Fitness which was his first training brand tagged after his name. He revealed that using “Ryan Watson” at the beginning gave his fitness business much recognition within and outside the country. However, recently, he decided to start something new. Something which can last for more than 20 years with new goals.


Consequently, he took some weeks off work, and start meditating about his new idea. While doing so, he came up with a plan to start something that will contain his belief about fitness and benefit the society. As lion been his favorite animal for their dominance and ferociousness, he decided to have a logo with alphas in a shield-like shape that represent strength and protection against negativities. The FS stands for FitSupremacy, the back-to-back icon on the logo indicates brotherhood, the black color suggests boldness, while the pink insinuates high passion about what Ryan does; a significant concept.


Ryan concluded that for someone to succeed, you need to cut down negativities surrounding you, leave your comfort zone and chase something better, be energetic towards your dream, and keep it real.

We hope you have learned something worthy from the success story of Ryan Watson in this episode. Until the next time, keep chasing your dreams, and never stop believing.    






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