How To Leverage Social Media For Your Business Ads

September 12, 2018


Herein, we will be discussing the importance of social media and ultimately, how to enhance your business Ads and marketing through social media. Also, we will be sharing useful social media tips, which will increase your revenue, decrease your marketing cost, and overall, improve your business size.  Enjoy reading!




Tip 1: Be Original

Being original is a crucial aspect of getting the best out of your social media page, as it gives you credibility. This is the time sponsor your original content because they are so cheap! Through genuine contents and video posts, people will be more willing to know you and what you stand to offer. They will see you more as a brand they can trust.


It is very important for you to understand that right now the marketplace is really cheap on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. This is the time when you can get in. Remember when google first came out with their advertisements? You were able to get leads as cheap as a few cents. Now it can be around $150 per click for the keyword "fat loss"... 


Think of the facebook and Instagram ads as one single marketplace. Where you the buyers of the ads are competing against each other on price. And This is the time when you think to yourself that ohh its all good I have a niche market and clients. Just think for a second do you know how many companies market to your clients every single day? Other gyms, personal trainer, amazon products, weight loss clinics, Lulu lemon, shoes, purses, cars  etc... There is ONLY ONE FEED! So as all the other companies rolling in and starting to advertise more the price will rise up pretty soon! 


On top of that Facebook rewards good content! Which means if you post a ton and people engage with your content you will get cheaper ads! This is so important! This is exactly why we post so much and reward our trainers daily for it. You should do the same or you will end up spending way more and get way less leads. 


You might want to listen to our full podcast episode 23 on how to leverage social media for your ads we give away some metrics on how much it actually saved us in a single month just because we have leveraged content. You can tune in at 


Tip 2: Offer Values

You must be ready to add value to people or what they stand for.  This makes you valuable and trusted as a business.  Create motivating and educating contents and videos, and share with your followers.  Keep up the engagement; you never know, your follower might be your next customer or even more.  One of your followers might be that one celebrity who will repost your content and gets you so much attention. Also, you and your team must be ready to interact with people and give a quick reply to comments.

It is so crucial that you reply back to every single person and show gratitude and hug your haters! Yep there will be haters and you might just have to hug them. A great book to read : "Hug Your Haters"


Tip 3: Tracking trainers’ (staffs) followers

It is advisable to check and monitor your team members’ social pages.  See how much people follow them daily.  Also, encourage them to share a set of scheduled posts, perhaps a training session, ‘behind-the-scene’ videos, and lots more on their page.  Endeavor to like and repost your trainer’s post on the business page.


The more you post the better! Ask clients and your employees to post all day long, check in and use hashtags! 


Tip 4: Posting and creating short videos

You have the right to post as many Ads video as possible on your page daily. However, we recommend you post between 15 to 30 times on different social media pages per day, including stories. The high number of posting will increase your impression rate and give you more chances of being seen. Create a short version of your full business video Ads with links, and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media outlets. But ensure that these links lead back to the main full video on YouTube.


The easiest way to create these crazy amount of content is by you create one long video or podcast episode about a topic your clients ask you the most about and cut it up into small pieces. It can be anything from 10 second pieces to all the way to 2-3 min max. 


And these videos are way way way more important then your actual podcast and the cool thing is that it will cross promote everything all day long! 


Tip 5: Using a Reward system

As a means of encouragement, you should incentivize your staff for their support on social media. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cash, such benefits can be getting more clients, becoming more popular, and ultimately stands to become a brand ambassador.

Finally, to get the best out of social media, you must be committed to the cause. Post unique, motivating, interactive and exciting contents regularly; read and reply to comments; be a good listener, and get the feedback to your business team for necessary actions.

Till our next episode, apply these tips to enhance your business growth through social media. Good luck!


I would really appreciate you if you could let me know how this worked 4U. I have already received tons of feedback from our clients who we coach on how to run a successful business studio. And we were able to lower their ad costs by $200 in a month just by following the above! Please get in touch with me on Instagram at @danielZnyiri I will get back to you asap! 



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