The Ugly Truth About Lead Generation & Sign Ups!

August 29, 2018

In this episode, we will be discussing how to win the competition for your business by generating leads and sign-ups. To make it easier, we have divided the topic into two segments; Getting your leads and No-shows. Under each section, we have highlighted cogent points to earn leads, sustain them, and make valuable use of them. Enjoy reading.


Segment 1: Getting your leads


  • Get your leads through advisement, most especially via a partnership with other companies and social media such as Facebook, blog post, twitter, etc.

  • Brand your business for recognition. Because with your brand, you get to spend less on your advertisement.

  • Ensure that your true client value is higher than your lead generation cost. This point means your client's value must be at least recurrent, add referrals, and reviews to your business.

  • To sustain your leads, you have to hire a team or personnel who will respond to customer's calls, messages, voicemails as promptly as possible.

  • Continuous approach method; this is your best bet in securing your lead and sustaining them. It is necessary to get in touch with your clients regularly, and advisable to use multiple means of communication such as messages, calls, voicemail, etc. The most effective one is a message. However, ensure to have an organized script of message content for the first, second and subsequent messages to your clients.

  • Do not feel dejected when your clients fail to reply or answer your call as everyone is busy with one thing or the other.

  • Take note, do not use statements like ‘please call me back' at the end of your voicemail, instead the use of statements like ‘don't worry, if you can't pick now, I will call again tomorrow by 3:00 pm' – and make sure you call them back by 3:00 pm the next day. While this is more appealing, and help you build trust with clients, you are not forcing them to call you back.


Segment 2: No shows


  • Use video clips, and pictures on social media to remind your client of their sessions.

  • Talk to them a day before their session

  • Reach them on their session's day with messages such as ‘I look forward to meeting you,' ‘I cannot wait to meet you' and jokes.

Finally, you must be able to sign up to 100% of your clients through referral, at least 30% through website leads, and about 10-30% through advertisement to get better use of your leads and sign-ups.

While you try out these tips, look forward to our next episode on how our trainers act as our keepers on social media. Stay in touch!   

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