The FitBiz Journey Podcast - Episode 21: How to Attract and Keep A Players!?

August 21, 2018

One of the major problems in fitness business is getting motivated and committed players who can work effectively, and ‘thrive in the tribe' of the company.  Ordinarily, one would think that the process should be easy and straightforward, but in reality, a lot actually go into achieving the desired results. 


Here, we have prepared a step-by-step guide into a proper and results-oriented hiring process that will surely bring in A-players into your FitBiz.  Check it out.

Step 0: Pre-Interview

This implies the submission of a 30-seconds of a crisp quality video by an aspiring player, where they give a brief talk about their personality, and what they have to offer the company.


Step 1: Video-Phone Interview

Here, you get to have a casual conversation with the candidate through video or phone conversation, to know about their experience and assess their knowledge base on fitness service.


Step 2: A Training Video

A training video showing about four to five compound movements where they had previously trained clients.  Such video must contain explanations on the aims of such exercise.


Step 3: Physical Interview

This is a formal face-to-face interview with the player and here, the discourse borders on their commitment and experience. Also, the player gets to see where their potential workplace while meeting with present trainers.


Step 4: Homework

The prospective candidate is required to write an essay of a thousand words.  This will be reviewed, to check how aligned or fit the passions and aspirations of the candidate are to the company's ideology. 


Step 5: Meeting the CEO

This is the final stage where the CEO gets to know about the player and ascertain if he can key into the company's ideology.

The hiring process doesn’t ends here.  After hiring a desired player, they will be put through some ‘welcoming drills and heads-up’ to ensure that they thrive in their position.  These include;

  • A four weeks' academic training, plus three months of coaching.

  • Establishing a career and a personal as well as corporate goal(s) for the player.

  • Consistent motivation and oversight, to ensure such player is on the right track.

That will be all on attracting and hiring.  In our next post, we will be diving into the waters of retaining hired A-players and keeping them at their best for as long as possible.

Stay tuned!


Our complete hiring process will be shared soon! Stay tuned! 




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