A lot of people who are fitness entrepreneurs do not dare to dream big or reach out to become a powerhouse because they do not know how to go about it.


One of the fastest ways to achieve this is to gain exposure as exposure opens you to a lot of prospects and once you have a good audience, you can achieve your entrepreneurial fitness goals. Most people feel for one have this exposure you will need to have a huge following, you have to be well known to be on the news and things like that. Well, this is not true, here we will be discussing the tricks and tips gain such exposure by just you sheer hunger, determination, and hard work.


Ideas: You have to have an idea of what you want to push to get exposure with. It should be able to come up with the information you want to be published or featured on these media platforms, i.e., the concept, the idea, the story, press release.


Be creative and authentic: An excellent way to make this work is to be creative enough to have more than one idea ready as these media houses are also looking for ideas and content and where you can provide that for them and make their jobs easy, especially when it is a good idea and being an authentic is sure to be a big plus. Do well also to make these ideas as trendy as possible; look into what is thriving in the fitness world that you can go with, or alternatives to the trend that is as good as if not better than the trend, then those routines that achieve results faster and naturally as against adding more, then maybe off fitness questions you hear being asked all the time whether to you or to other people you know or questions you hear and can proffer answers to.


Reaching out: It is advisable to create networks and relationships with TV and radio people. The easiest way to do this is via social media. While exploring this option, do not be afraid to reach out to whomever it is you wish to, do not be afraid to be told “no” and turned down. Follow these publishing outlets or media houses, their presenters, anchors, and journalists you intend to reach out to.


Engage them: Reaching out should be followed by engaging them, but then while at it do well not to start throwing ideas from the get-go. It is advisable to follow them and be involved with them first. You can engage them via tweets and retweets, likes, comments and direct messages that first show you admire them, acknowledge them and appreciate the work that they do. This might get you a like or more and maybe a follow back to show you they notice you; then you can pitch consistency, no fear of being told no.


Sacrifices and Compromises: for a start-up, it is important not to expect to be paid from the jump. Actually you should be ready to give out a lot of free resources. These are only but little sacrifices that will help you reach your proposed goal.


Consistency: Getting one feature is never enough, be hungry for more and getting one feature or your first feature should not be such an achievement. It is pertinent to note that that one feature can be quite the break you need to bloom, but then it may also not be enough if you do not leverage on it. So, with every opportunity you get, leverage on it to grow yourself. However, the chances are that you can get that one feature and supposedly do all you can to leverage on it and it does not avail you much, do well not to be discouraged, rather see it as a sign that you can make it and strive for more features and keep at it till you can leverage on it enough to get you to that point you want.


When you finally start getting features what do you do with it? That feature would have brought you exposure, how you use that exposure now becomes the question. You can use such exposure to create content, then use such content to create an ad. Strive for more features on the media, where people see you talking about something on shows of people they admire and trust their judgments, they start to respect and agree with as well as believe what you are saying and before you know it you already have a high level of credibility from viewers and listeners.


The more out there you are you start to become an authority and people begin to give your audience, and when you have quite the audience you start to have quite the number of clients you want, and from there you start to grow your fitness class and gym and routines, and then soon media houses would begin to source for you rather than you sourcing for them, and this can make for paid features as against the free ones you had started to give out at first.




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