August Book Report for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners 2018!

August 1, 2018

Start with the WHY by Simon Sinek


If you have not read this book, I do not even know how you exist every day and how you still have a business today. This book is one of those must read that is extremely important for every business person. It is so important that if you have not had a glimpse at it, you are at a considerable disadvantage against your competitions who have read this book!


It is an essential piece for everyone to read this book even if you do not have and not planning to have a business as well. This is because it will clear up things 4U and show you how to start with the ‘WHY’ and most importantly ‘WHY!’


Some of the benefits derived from the book are; helping in the hiring process and employee engagement, especially with the retention and happiness!

Because when employees are carried along, they will guarantee success! They will not be working hard and looking for innovative solutions from you; instead, they will be doing it for themselves.


What all great leaders who are clear on their company’s ‘why’ have in common is the ability to find good fits to join their organizations, the ones who believe what you believe.


Southwest Airlines and Apple are great examples to be considered in this case. Their ability to find people who embody their cause makes it much easier for them to provide an excellent service and enjoy doing it. Herb Kelleher said: You do not hire for skills you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.


What if their attitude is not the right one for your culture?


Most people say they hire passionate people. However, how do you know during the interview process that they are passionate about the work they are going to do or they just passionate about the new job opportunity/interview?

Almost every person on this planet is passionate, just not about the same thing…

Starting with the ‘WHY’ will help you to find people who are passionate about what you believe.


Just hiring someone based on their resume, work ethics, background will not work…

The best engineer at Apple would be miserable if he was working at Microsoft and the best engineer at Microsoft would be miserable at Apple as well…

Both engineers are hard workers, crazy passionate with tons of experience and love for their job. However, each engineer does not fit your culture!


We could say that we want to hire people from Orange Theory because they are so passionate about fitness and Orange etc. but that just not fit our culture. Same is true for our employee; they would not fit to their culture.


Just remember this:

An Average company gives their people something to work on, while the innovative organizations give their people something to work toward. Dream Teams are not always so dreamy! A perfect example is the Russian Olympic Hockey Team; they had the best players and the highest salaries.


When companies are paying mega salaries to get “best talents,” the outcome is not the same. The classic manipulation of paying someone a high salary to come up with great ideas is not going to be as great as pulling together a team of like-minded individuals and give them a cause to pursue. This will ensure a greater sense of teamwork, mutual trust and friendship.


The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas, rather, the role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen.

It is the people inside the company that is best qualified to find new ways of doing things. That is why at 4U Fitness having an Entrepreneurial mindset with NoExcuses is key.



The Truth about employee engagement by Patrick Lencioni


Patrick Lencioni prepared this book such that it is a must have for all managers, business owners and leaders! This book is also recommended for employees as well because it is not just going to show you how to manage and lead people, but it will also guide you through how to change your current miserable job if it feels like one, and enable you to get a job that you can love!


Unfortunately, most people today hate their jobs and they look ahead for the weekends. Which is very sad if you think about it because why the hell you want to spend 64% of the week and year looking for the days off? That is crazy to me, and that is not life.


Well, this book will change that 4U!


For leaders, this book will show you the three central concepts that will change your employees forever!

As a CEO, he have done it three times for three different companies in this book! It is a straightforward and amazing read that is why it is highly recommended! This is one of those books that is just a must read!


I am not going to get into details of the three main concepts used in the book because the writer did a good job explaining each one with tons of examples and real-life action.


However, here is the highlight:

It is essential for you to know your employees. Like a lot! On a personal level. You must let them know that their job matters and let them know whom they are helping by connecting it to the more significant purpose even if it means scrubbing the toilet. You must measure their job because if you do not, then you cannot improve them and they will get bored.


The book will get into to considerable details about the ‘WHY’ of all of these and also gets into depth details on ‘HOW’ and ‘WHAT’ to do!



The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill


Napoleon Hill made sure this book is a take home for every individual who wants success. So, why wouldn’t you read it? If your goal is to have success anywhere and in any field of life, then you need to research how it is done by others. Learn from it and take action on their learning’s and mistakes.


This book analyzes the “100 amazingly successful people.” The author of the book spent more than 20 years on this book and during this time, he has received tons of valuable lessons and suggestions from Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Woodrow Wilson, William Wrigley Jr, Charles Schwab, Harvey S. Firestone, Andrew Carnegie, Marshall Field, Theodore Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell and many more!


However, Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie contributed to this book mostly while Andrew suggested the writing of this book. Henry supplied most of the tools in which the book and the course of this book were developed.


The author has studied these people at a very close range which allowed him also to develop a very close friendship with them. Understand this! He was able to gather information from these amazing personalities that nobody else could have ever gotten from them! This information is so valuable such that if you use it right, it is way more valuable than money and material things. This is because you will be able to get whatever you want in life, and you cannot lose it. Once you have earned and learned it, it becomes part of the life you live.


You need to know that there are 16 lessons in this book that will allow you to accomplish basically anything life. I am not only recommending this book, but I want you also to take your time on reading and making tons of notes from it. Then once you finish reading, start over and develop your program out of it which you can use to start your life and apply to your business. This book is still very relevant today, and it applies to any walk of life and business level.


Some of the courses are:

  • Power

  • Corporation

  • Master Mind Group

  • Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Firestone the Secret of their Power and Wealth

  • The Big Six

  • Imagination and how to stimulate it to be able to create practical plans and new ideas. Telepathy on how one thought passes from one mind to another

  • How Sales Man and Public Speakers sense and tune in on the thoughts of their audiences.

  • Vibration

  • How and Why ideas flesh into the mind from unknown sources

  • History of the Law of Success Philosophy

  • Organized Effort as the source of ALL POWER

And more!


I can vouch for this book! It is an absolute favorite and one of the most useful studies of all times! STUDY THIS BOOK!


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