The FitBiz Journey Podcast - Episode 11: Tips & Tricks to Gain Exposure with Felicia Romero

June 13, 2018


Felicia Romero shares how you can be on the news and in the media with amazing segments and more, 4-6 times a month! Her very first feature was one she landed by pitching a story- she wrote the press release and sent it out to the local news stations and kept going until Fox picked it up!


Key Takeaway #1- you do NOT have to be a huge name, with a crazy social media following in order to get on the news.

You need:

  • Ideas

  • The desire to create networks & relationships with reporters and news anchors, journalists and producers

  • Persistence- don’t be afraid of hearing NO

Key Takeaway #2- Be Authentic

  • Show vulnerability

  • Show triumph with overcoming that vulnerability!

    • They will be able to relate to you and their own confidence can build because they saw this was possible and you’ve inspired them completely.

  • You can’t stop creating content- you have to gain the trust of your followers and then you just help them in what they need and they won’t ever leave you!

    • Then you won’t come off as a salesperson at all!


Key Takeaway #2- TAKE ACTION.

These opportunities will not just fall into your lap. It may be constant NO’s but then when you least expect it, you get a YES.


Key Takeaway #3- Using Social Media

  • Follow your local news station on IG

  • You’ll see all the local anchors and news casters and more will pop up too so follow them as well

    • If they follow you back (which they usually do), then thank them and message them.

    • Here you can build a relationship!

    • Provide first, never ask for things! Wait at least a few weeks before you even ask for something or pitch.


Key Takeaway #4- Share Knowledge!

These people NEED ideas! They want your help!

  • Consider big events- what could you do for special holidays?

  • Always have ideas and utilize current events to help- research your industry and your expertise to be relevant.

      • Ex: 2018 big thing that Felicia shared is Intermittent Fasting!

        • Firstly she worked to get on the news to discuss the subject

        • She decided to turn that segment into an Ad and then you can create a call-to-action to get leads/customer information.

    • And then boom, you’ve got the credibility to support your ad and more!


Key Takeaway #5- Calling all Personal Trainers! Learn more. Adapt with your clientele and with nutrition and workout plans because it’s important to not always think you’ve got it all figured out and end up doing things your way only. It’s about what the client needs and if you don’t know, then it’s important to educate yourself.


Calling all Gym Owners! Don’t be afraid to delegate and don’t be afraid to let someone go. It’s not about keeping people happy and worrying about upsetting people, thinking you need them. In fact, they are coming to you! So do what is best for your company and your business.


Find Felicia at


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