You Got Your Dream Job, Now What?

June 2, 2018

Welcome back to the FItbiz Journey Podcast! Tune in to today’s episode and you will learn what to do after you get hired! Believe it or not, the work begins NOW and the easy part (interviewing) is over.

Today we discuss what you will need to do to succeed in your career and grow to where you want to be. Joining us is an amazing employee Sabrina who is going above and beyond to move up in life and in the company she is working for.

Unfortunately most people spend all their time and energy getting the job and once they get it, they kick back and do the bare minimum based on what’s in their job description or what expectations were set for them from the beginning. Then they complain that they don’t get paid enough instead of going above and beyond so that the company simply CAN NOT afford to lose them and that is what we want to show you! Your career is 100% in your hands! you can make a difference and you can be successful beyond your imagination! You do not need to be an entrepreneur, you don’t need to start a company, you don’t need to invent anything! You can be a very successful employee who puts in the work every single dayand go above and beyond and just wait and see, the opportunities will be limitless!

Just look at CEO of Microsoft Satya Narayana Nadella. He became one of the many engineers at Microsoft in 1992 and he went above and beyond ever since which granted him the top position of the ladder at Microsoft in 2014. Now he is worth over a billion dollars.

It is a pretty good thing for being an employee. All you have to do is to go above and beyond and you and your company will be ultimately successful!

Sabrina gave 3 critical recommendations that will help you be that employee the company will need in more ways than one.

It all starts with:

  • Organization- Be sure to listen to Episode 8: Start with the end in mind, so that you know how to truly set yourself up for success with your long term goals and your big dream goals and breaking it down to every moment, ensuring you’re always progressing towards your goals.

    • Plan your day

    • Plan your week

    • Plan for your clients & for the people who count on you

  • Learning & Education

    • This should NEVER end.

  • Self-Auditing

    • Always remember what you want and look at how you are performing and how you are adding value to the company you plan to grow with.

    • If you are not going above and beyond, ask yourself why, find out how you can do more.

      • TIP- Get a MENTOR!

    • Compare your performance to your goals and understand where improvement can occur. Then improve.

Always keep an open eye and open ears to what is going on in the company and where your leaders need help. Even volunteering to do something for them will show how serious you are and then you’ll find they come to you with opportunities you didn’t even know would exist. It’s all in YOUR hands so take charge of your life and build the future YOU want!


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