April Book Report for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners!

April 23, 2018

 As you can see this month i went rouge on Social Media combined with some quick red of Rich Habits. Which actually helped me organize all my to dos from Crush It, Crushing It and Vlog Like a Boss! 


I highly recommend these books to be read back to back if you want to become a Key Persons of Influence in your industry. Their advise really work! 


Since I been using what i have learned from these books my social media took off! I mainly tested it on one platform Instagram, which allowed me to go from 600 followers to 11K in just 3 months. All organic using the tools I have learned from this book!


Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck


So I just finished Crushing It!, which is Gary’s latest book, and I was so impressed with all the comments and references and the stories of all the amazing people who read Crush It I had to pick up my own copy! By the way Crush it came out in 2009 and the above mentioned people from Crushing It have accomplished amazing success because of it!


Although it is a really short read it has tons of amazing information and proof about the power of social media and how Gary accomplished what he did and shows that you can, too, as long as you pick something you are passionate about and you put in the work every single day!


It is a 10-year-old book about social media, which is evolving like crazy, and yet the advice and information in this book is still very useful!


It is a must-read book and you must read both of them, Crush It! and Crushing It! They are a very easy and quick read. You must read them if you are serious about building a personal and business brand!


You will learn so much, just please make sure to put your learning into action! Otherwise there is no point in your reading this book...



Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer


I am sorry, Amy, I won’t be singing Mariah Carey for you, but I do want to write an awesome and honest review of your book and why every man should also pick up a copy no matter how it makes them look at the airport.


As I launched my online vlog I was in desperate search of the experts of Og so that I could create an amazing one like they did before me so I can give back to the community by documenting my path to success on The Entrepreneurial Journey! So then people can just learn from it not to make the same mistake. That is why I picked up this book, to lower my chances of failure and raise my chances of success by learning from the best.


I decided to learn from Amy who created video reviews for Gary Vee—who also reviewed Amy s book so it must be amazing.


It sure is starting out with the entertaining Amy and Gary story and then straight into work.


The book itself has a good sense of humor all the way through it; you can definitely feel her personality all the way through.


And just because it has girly colors on the cover with a woman shouting, “Vlog Like a Boss,” it doesn’t mean you can’t read it. I did on an airplane and people did give me looks. So who cares? I am committed so I will do whatever it takes. You should too!


I really like how this book had an actual action plan inside ready for you!


Even if you are a pro it will really make you question if what you are doing is really the right way of doing it! And if you are a beginner this book is your haven!


I loved her Detailed Authority Video Formula:




Crushing it! by Gary Vaynerchuck


Crushing It! is a newer and better version of Crush It! (When I say, “better,” it’s up to date since social media changes a lot over the years! Both books are must-reads!) The main difference is that Crushing It! shows the path of other successful people like Gary Vee who have used social media platforms to build a personal brand, which they used to leverage their business!


It points out all the people who came from nothing and they just put in the hard work every single day so they have become insanely good at it and it had nothing to do with luck or being in a good place at a good time.


Many people think, however, that millions of people get those good/bad opportunities but it is you who decides what you are going to do with it and not luck.


You are going to read the stories of people who were scared just like you, who had obligations just like you, who were told they were being foolish or reckless or irresponsible or immature. They did it anyways and reaped the rewards. If there is anything this book should teach you it’s that the only thing stopping you from achieving lasting career and life happiness is you.


I really enjoyed the stories of these people and I have followed and reached out to each one on social media to congratulate them on their journey!


This book is more like a testimonial book that shows you that what Gary is preaching really works and then he gives away his recipe.



Rich Habits - The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals by Thomas C. Corley


It was a pretty fast and simple book! I highly recommend it if you want to be successful in developing new habits. I have to tell you that the book did a great job on helping you set your daily new habits.


It will be worth investing your time and money in this book.


This book is based on ten principles created through years of researching the daily success habits of the author’s wealthiest clients.


This book will outline the does and the don’ts of successful and unsuccessful people. It will allow you to see what it takes to become successful. It will give you the basic guides to get healthier, get a mentor, control your emotions, give back to the community, listen more then talk and so much more.


It is really about the basic pillars of your future. If you read and study this short book you will reach your goals!


The book was written so lightly and easily that even a 5-year-old could understand these principles and honestly this book should be read by kids so they can learn the basic pillars. Although I won’t put this book on my top list of the year, I can recommend it to people who have no idea what to do in life and really need to figure out the basics.


And if you are successful and have everything working for you it is still a very short and good read and it will help you reaffirm some of your current good and bad habits.  


I can understand why you would want to reaffirm good habits but not why you would want to reaffirm bad habits. You may want to consider rewording this slightly.

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