November Book Recommendations for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners !

November 15, 2017




Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni Click here to Purchase!


He did it again! What an amazing business fable about shedding the three fears that sabotage oneself and also client loyalty! This book is the definitive answer on how to build relationships in business and in life that are authentic, amazing and lasting!


The book starts out with a big giant consulting firm (some would say a shark) buying out a small tiny firm not because they wanted to but because they wanted to take this small firm out of their competition.


They were expecting a mediocre small firm that they might be able to salvage into their giant firm. However as it turns out the small firm has it all figured out with their clients! And they made about 20% higher profit margins on each client compared to the giant firm! Even their consultants made higher salaries than at the giant firm! So at that discovery the giant firm was dumbfounded wondering how it was even possible! The book goes on with the main character, Jack Bauer from the prestigious Kendrick and Black. Explaining the situation that his boss put him into by buying the small firm Lighthouse. He was moved to the new firm to get to the details of it and then the real Fable of this book starts! Slowly but surly the truth unfolds on what it really takes to service the clients!


This sometimes means that you must be upfront with clients! If you aren’t willing to tell a client the truth, why should they pay us? 


And never take bad clients! If the client won’t admit his mistakes and problems and keep blaming someone else, how can you help them? I mean why would you rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic? Not to mention that having a bad client is worse than having none. It will prevent you from finding other good clients and it will take away from your energy and from your good clients’ time. I guarantee you that you will have to spend more time on the bad ones when you must focus and put all your resources to the good ones!


The bad ones will definitely tell everyone that you were not able to help them, and it will definitely make you feel bad coming to work and it will destroy the culture.


This book will ultimately teach you how to get and keep your clients and why it’s not about the sales but the service you provide. You must ask the right questions, let the client do all the talking, then answer all your clients concerns and only talk about yourself for a very short time. Nobody cares about you and your other clients. They want to know how you are going to help and what you have to offer THEM specifically.



The Secret by Rhonda Byrne  Click here to Purchase!


The secret is a classic self-help book like the Law of Attraction. And that is its basic concept. The short summary of this book can be understood by my favorite quote: the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be!


I recommend this book for anyone and especially for people high up in business; specifically, the lonely executives who have to lead and take all responsibility. Its lonely and tough up there and sometimes you need help too. This book might be just what you need, especially since it’s a very quick read! You should definitely read all Napoleon Hill books: Law of Attraction, Law of Success.


Basically it teaches you that what you’re focusing on the most is what you attract. If you focus on bills, bad health, trouble, you will find it. If you focus on wealth, good health, you will find it. Just like a magnet.


You become what you think about the most and you also attract what you think about the most. Thoughts become things.


The problem is what people think about the most is what they don’t want instead of what they do want. This book helps you change that!


It’s like when you complain about something, how bad it is you are attracting more of that! Just think about it, do you think a successful, self-made millionaire wants to hear someone constantly whining about money?? No! That successful person will move on and hang out with other successful people. And the person who whines about not having money or work will attract people who is likely in the same shoes, therefore you get stuck there with those people! You need to focus on what you want and hang out with people who already have it.


I can be the perfect example of this. I went through this multiple times while I was the only one believing in myself. It was very tough but it all worked out. I always focus on what I want the most so my brain sees all these opportunities that it wouldn’t see if I was thinking negatively! So when all these opportunities come up, I take them and move on!


Think about it! You can either be a victim or the author of your life! It truly is in your hands! And don’t just think that just thinking about money and health will get you all you want. No, you have to actually put in the work after your mindset is right!


Let me tell you another secret. Feelings are being controlled by our own words and thoughts. And not by what’s happening around us. Once you learn that, you will take full control of life! It is true, if you don’t know this your brain automatically creates these feelings for you. I mean we have over 60,000 thoughts daily on average and do you remember all of them!?!? No! But you can definitely learn how to control your mood/feelings!!


So do a self check and change your feelings! Attract good and you will flourish and you will make people flourish around you as well!


The bottom line is that whatever you feel/think the most you will get/attract whether you want it or not.




Fish out of Water by Calvin Wayman  Click here to Purchase!


A short but great read! Lets start with the explanation of his concept. A fish out of water is someone whose comfort zone has been stretched in pursuit of leveling up in some respect of his or her life. It is something that is never experienced by people who stay inside their comfort zone. He calls them guppies. A guppy is someone who stays inside his or her fishbowl of mediocrity, where it’s comfortable. It’s when you aim higher and pursue your dream of leaving the fishbowl where you feel like a fish out of water.


And this book is about the principles he used to accomplish his success. He was just a regular man with tons of debt and now he is just a regular man with tons of money and a roadmap to success written in this book.


This book is for you no matter where you are. It’s good if you want to get in shape, if you want to become an entrepreneur, start a business, etc. It works whether you want to transform your career, your finances or your relationships. If this sounds like you, these principles are for you. If you are an employee a manager, CEO, network marketer or an entrepreneur, these principles or for you.


In the first section of this book you will discover myths about action and how making progress is way easier than you think! In the second section you will learn what it means to get schooled. You will discover how getting around the right kinds of people will dramatically accelerate your transformation.


And finally you will learn how to become a shark so you too can continually stay on top of your game!



Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse  Click here to Purchase!


This is the most famous and influential novel of Nobel Prize Winner, Hermann Hesse. 150 pages of life lessons.


It’s a story of a young Indian Brahman’s pursuit of enlightenment. The setting is the time period of Gautama Buddha. The story is full of philosophy and the language is very lyrical. It was not an easy read for me since my English is not perfect.


Siddhartha is a Brahmin boy who grew up in a devout and learned family, but he was restless and full of doubt about the routine of sacrifice, chanting, and meditation. He decides to leave home and spends time with the ascetics who believe in hard renunciation and numbing of all bodily senses. But this route does not bring the salvation for him. So he goes and meets with Gautama Buddha to hear his teachings. He realizes that what he is seeking is the state Buddha has achieved for himself, but his teaching does not satisfy him. So, he decides to live an ordinary life and try to discover his true self.


The most significant takeaway from this book is probably that there is no one path, everyone must undertake a similar journey of discovery of the ultimate truth.




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