What is Success!?

October 13, 2017

Success is about doing the right thing and not about doing everything right! The trick to success is to choose the right habit and bring just enough discipline to establish it. As the habit becomes part of your life you will start looking like a disciplined person, but you won’t be one. What you will be is someone who has something regularly working for you because you regularly worked on it. 


Michael Phelps is a walking billboard for success and discipline. When he was 11 years old he was diagnosed with ADHD and his teachers told his parents that he would never be successful and he is just not gifted. They said he can’t focus on anything and can’t stay put. Yet somehow, he is the most celebrated man in Olympic sports history ever! If he was a country he would be #12 on the rank with his 22 gold medals! And now, people, parents and everyone says that his ability to focus is his biggest strength! So how did that happen!? 


And this is usually the time when people make claims such as “Oh he is so lucky. He was born talented. He had overnight success and he is so gifted.” When he was posting pictures of himself destroying over 5000 calories in one sitting, people were commenting on the picture “Oh that’s easy for you. Unlike me, by eating one of those I would gain 20lbs.” No you gain 20 lbs from one of those because you have no idea what you are doing! And no, he is not lucky. If we want to bring luck into it, we could say that the harder you work the luckier you get, and that’s it. He worked his ass off and instead of acknowledging that, people themselves come up with excuses to justify their own actions and make themselves feel better about why they aren’t successful. This is disgusting.  


From age 14, Michael trained 7 days a week for 365 days per year. Because he realized that by training on Sundays he will have 52 days of additional training days and an advantage against anyone and everyone! Let me ask you this, what have you been doing on the past 52 Sundays? He was working. And the heroes that you watch on TV are also working. Football players work every single Sunday! They are playing and not sitting at home watching and they are where they are because of it. All successful people say that the 7 days of the week, Monday- Sunday, it doesn't matter what day it is, every day is a day to work. If you want to be successful you don't look forward for the weekend to turn off. Turn off from what??? Life?! Why would you turn off your life? Why would you need to get away from what you do 5-6 days a week?? The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people that you call “lucky” is what they are doing from Friday 5pm until Monday 5 am! 


I recently wrote a post about my experience in Las Vegas which had 100s of comments and shares about escaping your job: 


"It's 5:40 am at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. I am sitting by the coffee shop checking my email. A couple walks by obviously on their way to bed, having pushed the idea of vacation a little too hard. 

The women looks over to me and, in a harsh whisper a little quieter than a yell, says to her friend, " Isn't that sad? That guy comes here on vacation and he's stuck checking his email. He can't even enjoy his two weeks off. "


I think the real question , the one they probably wouldn't want to answer - was, "isn't it sad that we have a job where we spend two weeks avoiding the stuff we have to do fifty weeks a year? "


As you know for me it’s not work. It’s fun, its passion, and I am not running away from what I love to do every single day. This is because I have a job where I get to make change happen. I am in the business of leading people, taking them somewhere we want to go. On the other hand most people have jobs where they fight change, where they work overtime to defend the status quo.


"Life is too short" is repeated often enough to be a cliché, but this time it is true. You don't have enough time to be both unhappy and mediocre. It's not just pointless, it's also painful. Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you DON’T NEED TO ESCAPE FROM!




Getting back to Mr. Phelps. He spent 6 hours per day in the water, training. He channeled all of his energy into one discipline that developed into one habit , swimming daily.  The pa off from developing one habit is pretty obvious. It gets you the success you have been searching for. This will also simplify your life! Your life gets clearer and less complicated because you know what you have to do well and what you don't. When you do the right thing in can liberate your life from having to monitor everything. 


Since I developed my powerful habit of reading every single day first thing in the morning from 4:45 am till usually around 8 am, my life simplified and lit up. My company tripled. It experienced a growth that was featured on many media outlets! Over 200% growth in just one year. Above all else, it was mainly from acting on what I have read. You see I started to study books and people: what they do and how to become like them and pick up their habits that would make the company successful in a way that we can grow to help millions of people. Most people just say I don’t have time to read. Really?? Well how much TV do you watch? How much time do you spend on the News Feed? How much are you partying? Because I cannot name a single hit TV show right now or any of their characters. How about you? 


However I can tell you what books you should read if you want to scale up your business.  Most people self-justify and call me lucky, gifted, ADHD, European, crazy, workaholic, and many, many other things just so they can self-justify why they are not doing it. And the thing is, I was and I am just a regular person who developed the right habits. 


The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be and if you think that you can or can't do it you are right!


So come on! What are you waiting for? Don't be a disciplined person. Be a person of powerful habits! Build one habit at the time! It is not easy to build a habit, why would you try to change everything at the same time!? Start with one! No one has the discipline to acquire more than one habit at the same time. Give each habit enough time to develop. According to research it takes an average of 66 days to develop a habit (not 21 like is advertised so much). If you are what you repeatedly do then achievement isn’t an action you take but habit you forge into your life! You don't have to seek success, harness the power of selected discipline to build the right habit, and extraordinary results will find you!








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