August Book Report for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners!

August 17, 2017

If you let your learning lead to knowledge, you Become a Fool. If you let your learning lead to action, you become Unstoppable, Successful & Wealthy! 





Pour your Heart into it by Howard Schultz - Click here to Purchase! 


One of my biggest motivators is Howard Schultz. He truly cares for his team and created something amazing and revolutionary. His leadership skills are unmatched and every leader should study him closely.


Plus he came from nothing at all, his parents didn’t have jobs. His father had been a truck driver who delivered diapers until he broke his leg and was unable to work. No pension, no sick pay, no insurance, no savings. This experience was really burned into Howard. You can see that throughout his company, the policies for his employees were all about benefits, stock options, education benefits, and much more! Plus in their core values he made it clear that whether you were an executive or a truck driver, you would be given the same level of respect and opportunity for benefits.


Hi main message to everyone is that most people can achieve their dreams if they try hard enough and never give up. His message to leaders is to aim high. Success is empty if you arrive at the finish line alone. The best way to operate is to surround yourself with winners.


This book is a simple story on how a group of people built a successful enterprise based on strong values and how they learned some important lessons along the way.


This book is all about following your heart! Do not let the naysayers stop you!


You will learn that anything can be done even when everyone says no! You just have to believe and do everything in your power no matter what. Remember this: no great achievement happens by luck.


I really enjoyed learning the true story of Starbucks and Howard Schultz!




Lincoln on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips -  Click here to Purchase!


This is one of those books that every business owner and manager must read. The book starts off explaining how Lincoln took presidency even though the entire country had already gave up on the United States. The country was separated and filled with hatred and no one believed in Lincoln. He was just an outsider, a second rate country lawyer. He had no respect from anyone in the nation except close friends and supporters. So if you think you have it tough as a leader I highly recommend you read this book and reconsider! 


This book will be the best 150 pages on leadership you will ever read!


Let me tell you this, even if you don’t learn anything from this book (which I highly doubt) you will at least find out that hey, if Lincoln achieved the impossible you can do it too!


Do you understand who he was and what was happening in the US at that time!? It was an impossible situation and Lincoln (who had never had an executive leadership position) had been only a one term national congressman, who had no military experience, had never been to battle and on top of all that nobody believed him and the country was falling apart!


What is so crazy is that he spent 75 % of his time/day on meeting people, no matter how busy he was! He would not maintain any distance between him and the people. He would not wait for his regular scheduled cabinet meetings he would go meet with his subordinates at their home, office and at places in a less pressure-packed environment.


One of my favorite things I learned from him is that a leader must "Persuade rather than Coerce"! When a leader begins to coerce his followers, he is essentially abandoning leadership and embracing dictatorship.


I learned how to be:


  • Charismatic yet unassuming

  • Consistent yet flexible

  • Trusting and compassionate yet also demanding and tough

  • A risk taker and innovative but still patient and calculating

  • Proactive instead of reactive (one of the greatest tools of all leaders)


This book also taught me how to capitalize on my own strengths and how to recognize my shortcomings, compensate for them and down play my darker side. Leaders are not supposed to be emotional or have good or bad days! Otherwise it could have a devastating effect on their people! Subordinates look for their bosses to be positive in good humor and cheerful.


My biggest takeaway from Lincolns Leadership:


If you are a good leader when your work is done your people will say “We did this ourselves.” Let disputing parties work out their differences by bringing them together and guiding their dialogue.


Always let your subordinates know that honor will be all theirs if they succeed and the blame will be yours if they fail! Write letters to your subordinates making the personal acknowledgement that they were right you were wrong.


When your subordinates come up with good ideas, let them go ahead and try. But monitor their progress. If your people in the field cannot be successful, neither can you. The greatest credit should be given to those in your organization who render the hardest work.




Oversubscribed by Daniel Presley - Click here to Purchase!


I really enjoyed Daniel’s other book, Key persons of influence. It changed my life. I wrote a book and became a Best-Selling Author because of that book’s guidance so I wondered what else I could achieve with this book!


It is really great! Similar to Key Persons of Influence.


He explains how the customer purchases and helps you create a system to be oversubscribed by your clients. He uses real company examples to show you the details.

You will learn that people don’t want to buy what you sell... and the more you discount it the less they want it. There is a reason why there is a line front of Chanel and why a guard will ask you what you want to purchase before you can enter and why they charge a ridiculous price and why nobody is buying the same bag across the street at a discounted price. People don’t buy what you want, they buy what other people are buying! This is why it's so important that your clients see how oversubscribed you are! And why you should paint that picture in their mind even when you talk to them about how busy and oversubscribed your company is.


People always want to buy what other people buy.  And what other people can't have like Ferraris.


You will also learn that people don't buy what they need, they buy what they want! Need is logical and want is emotional! As soon as you figure out the emotion you win! All you have to do is figure out they want!


My favorite principle is that it's OKAY to be different! Because if you do what others do you will get what others get, nothing.... So how about instead, be the next Apple or Tesla!


Making people wait sends a message that you are worth waiting for!


Look at Apple and Tesla again. The first iPhone and first Tesla buyers pre-ordered them before it was available and even lined up front of stores.


Being oversubscribed is a good thing, which also means that you have to say no to some customers. And you must say no to the customers that are really not your customers. Do not just take them because it pays the bills. Save the space for the good customers that you actually want and can help!


The book has the similar concept as Blue Ocean Strategy. Because it works. It gives you information on how to productize your business with real life examples and most importantly, how to be the best in the world in your niche market!


The goal of this book is to teach you how to stop behaving like a business and become a campaign-driven enterprise with a goal to become oversubscribed. It will really teach you how to create demand to your products and events like apple!



The Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World by John Kalench 


This book is a short read of 100 pages designed to be your magic carpet that will take you to places you have never been to and have never seen! Unless you aren’t open to it, then you are just going to see and use this book as a regular carpet on the floor. No magic and no change. This book is similar to one of my favorite classic business books, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People where they teach you how important it is to see things differently and to always be open to shift your paradigms!


You don't need to buy this book unless you are interested in MLM (then its a must purchase). Otherwise i have collected all the info for you. 


This book also points out you can live what you do and you must learn how to love it! On top of that it points out if you learn all that, you’ll realize there is no such thing as work-life balance. You just need to fill your life with work and a true purpose behind it! You see, we humans are funny creatures and we need goals to succeed otherwise we get lost. There is a reason why the average American watches 3 months of TV in a year (if we add all the hours together). To me that is an unbelievable number! When I learned about it I had a very hard time processing it, just like processing the fact that every 90 seconds one person dies from obesity-related diseases.


So life is work and work is life! No balance, they should be aligned into one! Live your work and live your life! Don’t believe in seeking life balance... how about you seek life first!?!


I meet so many successful millionaires who tell me as soon as they made their first millions they said alright I am retiring! They stayed retired for 4 weeks and then they freaked out wondering what’s next. So they either found a job or created more because we need goals, we need work! 


This book will show you how to make your dreams come true. How to create opportunities for you and your family if you are into Network Marketing. Which I am not. I enjoyed the beginning of the book a lot but ¾ of the book was all about network marketing and MLM (multi-level marketing). Which is great if you want to start a new career, this book might be the answer for you. If you are into Network Marketing this is a must read for you. Otherwise most of it isn’t.


Although one good lesson you will learn from the book is that:


Unfortunately people think like Have, Do, Be.... they think they have to have things like money or opportunity, need to have luck to do something like starting a business so them they can become who they want to be!  That is completely backwards.


We are not human havings or human doings! We are human beings for crying out loud!


Be, Do, And Have! That’s really how it works! Be the person today you want to become and do what it takes to have what you want!


It’s just like "seeing is believing." We have got that backwards too! Believing is seeing! We see what we believe and nothing more, nothing less. And until we believe we can have something in our life, we won’t see it!


I believed I can write a book and become a best-selling author before I even wrote a page or knew the title. It was not the other way around like people thought when I announced that I am writing a book. They said and wanted me to believe I can’t. “You are not a writer,” is all I heard. I thought how can I become a writer without writing it makes no sense.


The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.





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