July Book Report for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

July 17, 2017

Did you know that the average American reads only 1 book per year and that is a love novel- a book that’s not even related to their career or business!


Did you know that the average American watches 5 hours of TV per day and spends 1 hour 39 minutes on social media? In Total that is 6 hours 39 minutes per day spent on media while they read one single book per year. If you add up those hours in a year do you know what you get??? It is pretty scary! 3 months! That’s right! The average American spends 3 months on TV and Social Media out of 12 months. On top of that they sit around wondering why their paycheck is not growing or don’t even have a job. That’s because they are on a 3 month vacation out of the year not including their actual vacations.


Can you see why so many companies are looking for AI and automation? Because people stop evolving and their job is being replaced by a computer or computer program! So make sure you get on with your life and start improving yourself or one day a computer or a program will take your job!


Next time when I see you and you tell me that you don’t have enough money or don’t have time to read, work or whatever the reason, first ask yourself how much time do you spend on TV and Social Media. Make sure to be honest. Add up the numbers per days, per weeks per month and year and you might get pretty scared of that number and realize why you are not moving forward in life. Take a look at the article below.





My June Reading List



 Be Obsessed or be Average by Grant Cardone! (click on Picture to Purchase)



The first thing I learned from this book is that always over promise and over deliver. Which I do all the time! At least I like to think that ;)


Facebook was definitely over delivered! I got way more out of this book than I expected! I highly recommend that you listen to the audiobook as well because Grant himself speaks and he's pretty funny and makes some jokes and plays with the voice. The bottom line is this was a great book and I learned tons of information. I will probably read it again!


It was really great to learn about Grant and understand that being obsessed about things is the way to go. It assures me to listen to myself and not to others like he did. Everyone always commented “Why are you working so hard, why are you obsessed? Your business is making money so just relax. You are working too hard you’re going to burn out.” Nope I never think that until someone else brought it up. Just like Grant says, when you love what you do and it’s an obsession you just love doing it!


Stop worrying about what others think. It’s your dream, your goal, your obsession. They won’t understand. It’s not about that... and it’s certainly not about being average.



As Justin Musk once said:

“There will be jet lag, mental fatigue, bouts of hard partying, loneliness, pointless meetings, major setbacks, family drama, issues with the significant other you rarely see, dark nights of the soul, people who bore and annoy you, little sleep, less sleep than that,'' she said. "Keep your body sharp to keep your mind sharp. It pays off.”

You just have to be obsessed!


Life is a road with a start and with an end! You are the one who decides how to take this road! There will be storms, bad roads, bridges burned you have stay obsessed and refocus as the road changes and you must not get lost.


Always set new goals and never be satisfied!


He taps into how people who are less successful, who have already given up on their goals and would try to talk him out of his. Friends, family, girlfriends, everyone. He makes a really good point about that! These people are not talking to him they talking to themselves since they already gave up and they try to justify their own decisions through these words. Do not listen to them, that's his message! They don't know your goals.  It's your life! Everything and anything is possible so have big goals and do not let anyone stop you.


There are shirts that say “Seek life balance” how about just seek life? He also makes a good point that middle class is dying out so you better be obsessed or average. It is just a great book about success, goals and how to get things done. And really teaches you how to not listen to people and to only listen to people who are way more successful than you are


If you are the most successful person in your group, you are in the wrong group, always reach high!


He also makes a good point that you can have it all and you don't have to sacrifice you just have to be obsessed enough to figure it out and do everything! Health, family, money... you don't need to ask which one would I rather have, you can have it all!! There is no such a thing as choosing between happy or rich, that's for average people who quit and have lost control of their future. Only take advice from people who figured out the way to have complete success vs. people who only figured out how to be happy or say I'm comfortable where I am. People who suggest for you to live your life by seeking balance definitely did not figure it out for themselves so don't take that advice.


How can they be the happy when they don't do what they love every day? That is not life and that is not balance either, that is giving up.


Another good point is that you don't need to love what you do right from the start. You can just learn to love what you are getting really good at it and eventually you’ll be the best at it!


The more successful you get and the more you go all-in, the more you will have haters and Nay Sayers... they will just come at you with their doubts, jealousy, they’re afraid and their advice will always be “you should quit or take it easy”, at every angle you can imagine. They will tell you how dumb and how ridiculous you and your plans are... don't listen! You go get it all! I have many of them myself sometimes it's tough but you just have to keep going!!


Self-doubt is the most dangerous mind game of all. I have done it to myself and Grant did that too. It is very dangerous, I doubted myself and focused on the negative and I was pulling in all these negative things like crazy. Because I was so focused on them. I became obsessed with the wrong thing. It was tough to get out of it. But it is must or it can ruin you! I failed to see the opportunities because I was so busy with the negatives. Do not allow that! Always focus on positive and the opportunities. When you finally get successful and make it, others will start saying things like “oh you are young, you got lucky, the stars aligned and you had a good opportunity,” all these crazy things and there's nothing you can do about it. It makes them feel better about themselves since they don't know how you did it. They don’t see all the work and everything you’ve put in, they don't see that.


And the people who do this will be the closest to you! They want the best for you even if they believe you they will be naysayers. Anytime I call mine no matter how big or great my success is, all I get in return is “Just slow down, be careful, you can’t do that, you are not like that. Shouldn’t you go to school?” And the list goes on.


There are also the professionals. Like doctors. I will never forget when a very over weight doctor came up to me and my wife at our yearly check-up, it took 5 minutes for her to catch her breath and she said “You know people like you (I already knew where this is going and stopped listening) have all this stress on the body, workout every day, eating all these supplements, you’re so unhealthy. This is coming from a really overweight person... not to mention my wife and I workout 3x per week and do not take supplements. So I said just do the measurements and get our numbers and she didn’t talk anymore. You see she is just justifying for herself, finding a reason why she gave up on herself, saying things like “Well I am happy with who I am", -"I am like great you bought it for yourself so don’t try to sell me on that shit.”  


Don’t listen to these people it’s really them imagining themselves doing what you do, and they just can’t. The truth is they are out of shape and stressed so they were reflecting themselves on me and Grant don’t what they do best, giving bad advise.




 Jab, Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk  (Click on Picture to Purchase)


This is the best book to read for social media content creating and marketing. Written by an amazing entrepreneur who went viral selling wine and now he is on the cover of every magazine, running marketing campaigns for the biggest companies in the world!


He explains how and why you should create content and that you have to move fast and be open-minded of all new platforms!


People spend 10% of their day on social media, however companies only spend 1% advertising there. Social media is way more valuable than TV ads. 


He highlights the importance of knowing your crowd-who you're speaking to and adjusted their needs. Just like you don't speak to your best friend and to your mom the same way or to a police officer and your mom the same way you have to adjust who are you speaking to! And these audiences might be different on each platform. Social media is usually for youngsters and Facebook now is graduating into everyone.


I learned a lot about Pinterest, Tumblr and now we started to be way more active on them just because of his suggestions.


The bottom line is that if you have a company nowadays you must read this book to understand what social media can really offer you. And here is the thing, by the time you figure it out it will be time to move on to the next platform.


This book is very easy to read and it takes about 2 hours.




 The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone (Click on Picture to Purchase) 


A great and very short, cut-to-the-chase book about money and how our society is so backwards!  Get rich & then tell people "I am rich" and society will label you greedy, gluttonous, elitist and even a pig. Tell them you are poor & they'll show you sympathy. The same goes with overweight people.


There is a HUGE problem with today’s society. People are excuse-based thinkers. It’s socially okay to talk about being broke or complain about how there are no good, high-paying jobs. Yet it is not socially okay to talk about one’s success and money and tell people what you have or they’ll judge you and most will find an excuse for how you even achieved your success. This is the same in life and in fitness. They’ll say “Oh yeah he was born rich, that’s why they’re so successful.” Or they’ll say “She’s always been fit because she was born that way and has great genetics” and completely ignore the work that MUST be put into success.


People who are in an overweight state and even obese have fashion shows and find ways to make themselves feel better about their situation rather than understand what they’re doing to their lives and their families. Wake up world. It’s time to DO SOMETHING TODAY. You want to be successful? SO DO IT.


No more excuses.


This book is pointing out how people today have incorrect knowledge about money from our upbringing. Anyone who tells you money won’t make you happy never had enough money to know whether it would or wouldn't. That idea was born from those who try to make sense of why they don’t have money and they justify to make sense of their condition of life.


Money will definitely allow you to live your life anyway you want and do so much more! At the end of the day if you are not happy it will not be related to money but for sure it will definitely make you happier and take out some of your worries if not all of it. You have to learn how to be happy. But if you are going to be unhappy be as rich as possible!


When you tell someone who has created wealth that you want to be rich, they will not frown or judge you negatively, they will pat you on the back and say something like, "Great, you can and you should!"


It is bizarre how the wealthy work like they are broke and those who need money the most don’t. Still today I watch the pretenders sleep like they are rich while I am up like I am broke. We both deceive ourselves but with very different outcomes.


Idea + Hard Work x Time + Discipline = Success




Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne (Click On Picture to Purchase) 



I have received a signed copy of this book from the authors! I am so happy about it and they are interested in featuring our story because we used this book like a bible in setting up our business!


This book is a must read for anyone in business. You will learn how to create your own market instead of go into the red ocean and compete against all the other companies doing the same thing as you are.


The book gives tons of examples of companies who went into the blue ocean. Like Cirque Du Soleil or Southwest airlines. How they asked the main questions and look for the pain points of the market and then figured it out what the competition won’t do!

In our example we looked at the fitness industry and realized that no one has time to work out so we invented the 20 minute workout solution and then looked into what is a must that we should eliminate from the fitness industry and that was contracts! So at our studio we don’t have any contracts!  On top of that we looked at what any other gym won’t do and that is guaranteed results or your money back, so we did that! And then we really focused on the experience and on the results of the client.


We looked at the industry and asked the 4 questions:


Which factors should be reduced well below the industry standards?

Which of the factors that the industry takes granted should be eliminated?

Which factors should be raised well above the industry standards?

Which factors should be created that the industry never offered?


Then we went through: utility, pricing, cost, adoption issues.


Utility just like Ford model. Mr. Ford compared his model to horse drawn carriages and we compared our workouts to conventional weight training and we worked towards electric muscle stim.


At our studio we want to pay our employees high, not like 95% of the gyms in the world where the personal trainers are not even part of the gym. They are either 1099 contractors or they are employees on minimum wage and forced to sign people into contracts and sell supplements for commissions.


A great example is Southwest Airlines. They really changed the game by only focusing on 3 main things in their competitive industry and they are doing those 3 things amazingly versus the other airlines trying to do everything. Just to give you one example, Southwest only has one type of airplane model versus American or Delta or any other airlines which have tons of other models which makes overhead expensive because they always need to have more people for maintenance and pilots too! Because not everyone knows how to fix and operate the different models not to mention they always have to keep parts for each model. Where southwest only have to worry about one and that’s it!


The cool thing is that this book uses real companies to walk you through the process! It is a must read I can tell you that! Pick up your copy today!




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