May Book Report For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

May 16, 2017

I just bought my first Kindle. If you know me, I am old school when it comes to books. I have lots of them and I love having a physical book in my hand. However I asked other people what they would prefer and when I asked my great friend and motivator in business, Mike Arce, he replied back on Easter Sunday with a pretty surprising and detailed email that I thought would be very beneficial for everyone!


I have to say I agree with Mike 100%. How about you?



“That’s a great question and it always depends for me between real, digital, and audio.


First, I always buy the real no matter what.  This way I can add it to my shelf and share it with others if I think it’s what they need.


If it’s a very strategic book (i.e. Scaling Up, Traction, DotCom Secrets), where I’ll be taking a lot of notes, then I’ll always go digital because on my iPad I can make notes, highlight stuff, and then always go back and ONLY look at the highlighted areas or notes that are all organized in that books file.  Very cool.  You can also search by keyword.


If it’s a book that’s a collection of parables/stories (i.e. Good to Great, Built to Last, Multipliers), I’ll read the real book because I prefer reading a book that’s in my hands and there aren’t really many notes.  It’s more just learning the philosophy.


If it’s a story (i.e. Built to Sell, The Alchemist, Steve Jobs), I’ll always go audio.  They’re so fun to listen to while driving, cleaning, cardio, walking the dog, etc.


Then the other instances are when I plan on reading them.  If I’m going to the beach, an actual book is better as it’s hard to see the screen in sunlight and I don’t want sand in my iPad.


If I plan on reading in a plane or anywhere where it may be darker light, then iPad is great because it’s illuminated.


haha - sorry for answering this question so long.  I hope this helped!”



It definitely helped and I see Mike’s point as this is one of my books after reading it:






My May Reading List



 Goals by Zig Ziglar  Click here to Purchase!


The problem with crash diets is that they will take the weight off your body- which is relatively easy. When I mean weight I mean muscle, water, and some fat. But the main problem is that that individual lays down at night and dreams like an obese person. Thus, the body goes to work to complete the picture that is demanded of it. Your Mind is a very strong organization! Use it wisely.


Lots of people complain about lack of time. And it is not lack of time in 99% of the cases, it is lack of direction. Direction creates time and motivation, which create energy.


You must have goals! You cannot make it just by wondering. Lots of people just go to work tomorrow because that is what they did yesterday… And if you have no goals you are just drifting and showing up on auto pilot and the only thing you accomplish is getting a day older then the day before. And you are no closer to a goal because you have never even set one.


Without a plan you can’t just become successful in anything. I wrote a huge chapter about goals and planning in my best-selling book FITBIZ: Secrets of a Seven-Figure Gym, specifically because they are so important!


Edmund Hillary was the first person ever climb Mount Everest. Can you imagine him getting off that mountain and when a reporter comes up to him and asks, ‘tell me Mr. Edmund, how did you climb that Mountain?’ Do you think he simply replied ‘I was just walking around and it happened.’ Nope. Can you imagine the same type of question to being asked to Tim Cook? How he became the CEO of apple? ‘Well you know i just showed up to work every day and got all these promotions.’ Yeah no.


They all planned and planned. Let me tell you some good and bad news. The bad news is that it takes roughly 20-30 hours to plan. This is why so many people and companies don’t plan ahead! The thing is, the good news is that once you have planned, it will save you an absolute minimum of 15-20 hours of time per week for the rest of your life! That is an amazing return on your investment into planning ahead and setting your goals!


You can freely choose to do anything you want to do with those 15-20 hours saved.



 Multipliers by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown  Click here to purchase this book!


As a leader it isn't how much you know that matters, what matters is how much access you have to what other people know. It isn't just how intelligent your team members are, it is how much of that intelligence you can draw out and put to use!


In this book you learn that there are two leaders. One who makes everyone smart around them, also known as the Multiplier, and one that makes everyone stupid around him called the Diminisher.


Which one are you? And how can you be a better Multiplier? You can find out in this book!


Why is it important? Because Multipliers are “genius makers” and everyone around them gets smarter and more capable. They get a lot more from their people because Multipliers are leaders who look beyond their own genius and focus their energy extracting and extending the genius of others.


People who work with Multipliers hold nothing back. They offer the very best of their thinking, creativity and ideas and give more than their jobs require. They volunteer their discretionary effort, energy and resourcefulness and even actively search for more valuable ways to contribute. The people who work for Multipliers hold themselves to the highest standards and give 100% of their abilities to the work and even more than that!


People around Multipliers give more than they have and research show they actually get smarter around them. This book will teach you how to become a leader that is a Multiplier so you can make talent shine around you.


Both Talent Magnets and Empire Builders attract A level talent! What differentiates them is what they do with the talent once it's in the door.


The four practices of the Talent Magnet:

  1. Look for talent everywhere

    1. Appreciate the types of genius

    2. Ignore boundaries

  2. Find peoples native genius

    1. Look for what is native

    2. Label it

  3. Utilize people to their fullest

    1. Connect people with opportunities

    2. Shine a spotlight on your employees

  4. Remove the blockers

    1. Get rid of prima donnas

    2. Get out-of-the-way





 Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins Click here to Review or Purchase this Book!


I love this book. Because of the stories and examples of real life people. The rules and law behind it is from way back in the day! From the Babylon times! I would say it is pretty bad to see that we have had all this knowledge for thousands of years and still have issues with making and keeping money. Or basically just managing it. If you haven't read the book The Richest Man in Babylon I would start with that and then start reading this one after!


The book also gives you really great information on investing and retirement! I learned a lot that was very useful for my business and personal future- about 401(K) and a great argument about why you should pay all the taxes on money today and not when you take it out! By the time you retire, let’s say you have $1 million in your account. Well it turns out, more than likely Uncle Sam owns about $500,000 of that.


So all your savings for all those years and the interest goes to waste. You could save significantly more the other way around.


I learned a lot about cash balance accounts for retirement as well. It is very useful information and must read book to everyone, not just business owners!


There are just so many fees out there for 401(K) and many other investment plans and I say so much because they can really break you by the time you retire. Facebook points out of all of them and gives you the tools to ask right questions or look around at the right places!


I also learned about the first financial retirement fund which came from Rome's Caeser over 2000 years ago! Soldiers deposited their money into a big pool and the ones that were fortunate and lived long had an increasing retirement fund coming to them annually! This is where the word annual came from (in Rome) and it was originally called Annua because the soldier we're getting paid annually.


As usual, in his book Tony did an amazing job with his motivational expertise and backed it by science. There is a decade of research on stress that proves if you believe it is harmful it might just kill you at a young age. But if you believe stress is good for you it will be a sign that your body is ready to take it on and you get pumped just like when you train in the gym and put stress on our muscles! Great info, Tony!


One other thing I would like to point out is that he explains exactly why people do not succeed in fitness, health, relationships, wealth and go on. It is as simple as this, because they don't believe... and they surround yourself with people who aren't successful in what they want to be successful at and they take their advice which is as bad as it can be. A recipe for disaster. You need to set your mind and believe 100% and surround yourself with people who are successful in what you want to accomplish! Get mentors and don't believe others. Sometimes its family that will hold you back. How often do you meet people who say “I can’t lose weight because of genetics. Everyone in my family is fat.” That has nothing to do with you. You can change that.


The same goes for wealth. If you are from a poor family you might hear your family say “In order to make money you need money.” How often do we hear that nonsense? If you fall for it and believe this nonsense you will stay where you are forever... don’t you think that is what’s wrong? You are justifying and believing that you destined to be fat or poor? No... "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.




Ps.: By the time I finished this book my investment portfolio completely changed!! In a f Good way and i even planned out a retirement plan & living will just for safety. This book already paid for itself i have a well balanced investment portfolio amongst many other things! 



 Slicing Pie: Fund Your Company Without Funds by Mike Moyer Click here to Review or Purchase this Book!



An awesome book recommended by Topher Morrison. This short book (max 2 hours of reading time) is a must read for everyone who is interested in starting a company, especially if you plan on starting with a friend or partnering up in the future!


It is designed to give you an understanding between you and your partners and your employees early on! It is designed to help you make the right decisions at the get-go.


This book could literally be your manuscript. Next time you meet your partner, hand this book to him/her and say: here, this is how we are going to split the equity until we raise our first round of financing.


Using this book to figure out how you will pay people with equity in your company will save you a lot of time and a lot of anxiety. It will reward you and your team hard work and, in the long run, it will make sure everyone gets what they deserve.


It is one if of those must reads! Pick up your copy today!


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