April Book Report for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners!

April 14, 2017

I just can’t express enough how important reading is. Your #1 competition definitely reads. Somehow they are #1 and he/she definitely didn’t get AND stay there by luck! You need to stimulate your brain every day so you don’t get stuck in your business. If you do, how do you expect to improve it, improve yourself, and increase your knowledge?


Experience is a rough teacher... it gives you the lesson first and the pay later. I do not recommend it! My ideas, book, business, and me as a person have been developed as such: 30% through experience, and 70% through reading books, articles and through business mentors. And I highly recommend you develop yourself with this ratio or you won’t get to the top in any of your endeavors and you will be operating blindly because you believe you already know everything and therefore don’t have time for educating yourself.


I can easily say this is the biggest mistake every business owner makes at some point. In some cases, the mistake continues until they go out of business.



My April reading list



 Make the Noise Go Away by Larry G. Linne  (Click on the image on the left to purchase or to leave a review)


What a great book! It is a manuscript of how a First in Command and a Second in Command should operate and explains the boundaries, trust, values and the commitment needed between the two.


This book is a must read for CEOs and their second in command. This will make or break a CEO! Only 100 pages long and is full of such valuable information with a step by step guide; this book simply cannot be ignored! If you own a business and you haven't read this book you are heading to some grey areas in your life.... pick it up now!






 The Radical Leap by Steve Farber (Click on the image on the left to purchase or to leave a review)


A must read book for every manager, leader, and business owner! It’s an easy and fun read, laid out strategically with a fun twist! It nails every aspects of leadership with real examples that you will enjoy reading about. This book is all about your OSM! Aka Oh Shit Moment. It explains how you need one in life and in leadership and without pursuing those moments you can’t succeed to a higher level!


The cool thing is that this book also comes with an extreme leadership assessment which everyone should complete to see how they align and what areas they might need to develop the most.


It ultimately teaches you to LEAP! To cultivate LOVE, generate ENERGY, inspire AUDACITY, and provide PROOF.


The book will show you how to set LEAP goals which will require OSMs to meet them. A leap goal will require you to get excited and be energetic if you are going to achieve it. It will show you to set goals that tap into the talent, skills, hopes and aspirations of your team and company and you’ll see them generate the necessary energy to leap up and hit those goals!



 My Life and Work by Henry Ford  (Click on the image on the left to purchase or to leave a review)

A great book written by Henry Ford who was at one point the only licensed chauffer in the U.S.


It is funny that Henry in America was all about building a lightweight car. In Europe they did not care about a car’s weight and actually built heavy cars. Today it's exactly the opposite.


One other funny fact is that where the Henry was creating his gasoline-operated car, people were saying that he is stupid because gas could never work, only electricity could. The Edison Electric company even offered him a buyout but only if he gets rid of his gasoline engine idea and starts working on something useful. After that of course he left that job and started to work on his gas automobile.


It's really funny to see that people are always against a new article. People were against the gas car, saying it would be a useless luxury. Incredibly intelligent people said the same thing about the airplanes. And the same thing about Walt Disney and his ideas of Mickey mouse, Pinocchio, etc. They all said it’s the stupidest idea they’ve ever heard... but Walt did it. Then people said the same thing about the personal computer and the same thing about the Internet and the same thing about Facebook and the same thing about so many other things.... including our invention at 4U Fitness. Until they try it they won’t believe it. Just like cars, flight, internet and even Chuck E. Cheese’s! When Gene Landrum came up with the idea everyone thought it's crazy who the hell wants pizza delivered by a rat!? Those were the words of experts including the CEO of Holiday Inn.


The problem is when these so-called "experts" start saying something is impossible, the masses in the industry join in and reiterate the “impossible” statement and then someone is the new fool of that industry until they prove everyone wrong!


But luckily for Gene, what she was seeking was seeking her too! Atari was struggling to put their games to friendly environments like restaurants. Gene worked with them and received a million dollars to create Chuck E. Cheese’s in 1977 and she never looked back and built 99 more!


So never let people tell you otherwise. Because if you let them, it's not your idea or decision anymore, it's theirs! 


I would like to finish with this: I was continually called stupid, told I have a bad idea, it will never work, just go back to school by my friends, family, and more. Did that stop me? No. Now all these people graduated from those words to “oh he got lucky or oh it was easy for him.” The point is that people will always be jealous of your success and although people like to see you succeed, they still want to see you fail so they don’t feel bad about themselves because they didn’t find success in life like you did. There is always an excuse for them...don’t make excuses.


Have a vision! Having a vision is to see something long before everyone else does.


Henry Ford went against the impossible many times in the auto and manufacturing industry. Industry experts told him many times he is stupid and can’t do it...  well, he did. And he said there is a track record of many trials with failures until we got it done right but one day we did and now we are doing it!




 Smart Cookie by Kimberley K. Wilson (Click on the image on the left to purchase or to leave a review)


My friend and motivation partner in business wrote this book. Although I never read books that are not related to my business, after reading this book I realized it is related to my business by being an investment to the future of myself and my company and one day when I have kids, their future. After reading this, I have the perfect outline on how to raise a genius and what to watch out for in our society.


The book is 140 pages short. It is full of actions. So it is not one of those read only books; it is packed with engagement so you can get the most out of it. It has amazing graphics created by Kimberley’s clearly genius daughters. I believe her eldest daughter come up with the Book’s title and cover design. Which makes me think what did Kimberly do? Was it her daughter!? Well I guess the answer proves the point of this book. She did raise a genius!


This book will also help you in choosing the right school for your children so you can help develop your children’s skill set and characteristics and quite importantly, develop a healthy lifestyle at an early age. I cannot state how important it is to tackle them early on with building these healthy habits!


It is definitely a great read if you ever plan on having kids! Get it while it hot! No one wants a cold cookie.




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