March Book Report for Business Owners & Executives!

March 15, 2017

Mark Cuban used to buy books even when he could barely afford food.

He did it because he considered it an investment! He was sure that he would find at least one useful thing from a book that could give a return on that investment both in time and money. And it sure did!  


If you are a business owner and you are still not reading you are missing out. It is a must. It is your job as the business owner to advance the company and move forward and look out for your amazing team. To lead them and the company in the right direction. So you will have to stay on top of your game. And let me tell you that you are way behind the competition if you are not reading at least 2-3 books per month.

I used to read 4 books per month. Unfortunately I can’t do that anymore. I am so hooked to learning, that now I read 6-8 books per month! I get up before 5 am so I can get in my daily minimum of 2 hours of reading/studying. It is a part of my day, it is a part of my life and it’s the heart of my growth. I have learned invaluable information from the hundreds of book I have read.


There is always at least one thing from each author’s journey you can use in your life or in your business! 


For example this first book below has many amazing ideas and I took one that I really like and thought it was genius. And to show you an example, the book cost me $15 and I finished it in about six hours, using what I learned in that first week. That idea alone has already made me over $3000 dollars.

You can Purchase and Review these books by clicking on the pictures by the title.



My March reading list

 Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss  


What an amazing book on negations! The author, Chris Voss, used to be the head of FBI negotiations (e.g. the one who is in charge if someone kidnaps the President’s wife).


The book starts out great, the arms on my hair stood up straight. Seriously, it got me… I won’t ruin it for you but I’ll just say it starts with him sitting in front of the people who kidnaped his son, with a threat if he doesn’t give them a million dollars his son is dead. These kidnappers weren’t everyday people either! They were highly trained Harvard professors.

Its an amazing book and as I mentioned above it was well worth the investment and I learned so much! I’ve been using many of these tactics before but this really taught me all about the details. A must read for any walk of life! You are negotiating every single day and must know how to do it!


The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Jack Trout 


This book was first published in 1994. You might think since it's about marketing it would be in relevant in 2017. However it's all about the laws of marketing and not about the technology or any other things. It is really about the rules and the laws that you need to follow and not break to be successful in any competitive market. I love this book a lot and I use everything possible that can apply to my field. It is a must read for every single person who is in business today!


This book should be taught in schools. It gives you a real life examples and comparisons. The craziest thing was that Trout actually analyzes a few companies and says they’re going in the wrong direction and would fail. He went into detail providing the reasons behind their likely failure, and fast forward to today, those reasons were dead on and the failure came true.


It was a positive surprise to me that some of the principles of marketing that I’ve been using in my business are actually the right approaches to take. You might find some reassurance for your business too!


One thing I found more surprising was a book written in 1994 that talked about hype in the media. The book was completely against the power of the media and said only losers are on the media. When I say media they meant everything from video calling, tablets, computers and people on the media like Donald Trump and more. I bet the authors now would do a whole 180 on this subject! All those things they determined would be a failure are actually quite successful because we are living in it. We are in a completely different world and the hype is very real. 


Look at apple! All about that hype.



The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni 



Patrick Lencioni did it again! One of my favorite books of all time is The Five Temptations of a CEO. It is full of information and also very entertaining! You truly live through it. This book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is just like that. It is based on a somewhat true story of a tech company that has the best and most qualified employees and executives, more money than any other competitor and an amazing product. However as a team they are just not there and because of that they farm from where they should be. The story starts when they hire this new "older" CEO to come in and fix their issues as a team. The reason why am saying “older” is because lets be honest, for the tech industry, 57 is considered old.  A great example of this exact situation is with the Russian hockey team because they have the most amazing and most expensive superstar hockey players under one roof. The general consensus was that without a doubt the team would win every game they played. However, they struggled through every single Olympics because they just couldn’t work together as a team. So it goes to show you that even the most amazing and the most talented players cannot get from A to B without teamwork.


It also shows you that you don't need to have superstars you just need a team to work together. You do need high performers in one single area so you hire for one strength for each individual and then you bring the team together. And that is exactly why the Russian hockey team gets beaten every single Olympics because the lower level players work amazingly together as a team instead of working their egos. The Russian team players are more interested in their own statistics so what you see on the ice is basically a one player team. They do all these amazing things individually but nothing together and it ends up just looking like a free-for-all.


This book goes through all the steps of how to fix an off team. It also shows you how uncomfortable things can be without a strong team and it’s something we all need to have right.  


Who should read this: most importantly every single executive and manager, regardless of the category of business. And even employees need to understand! I’d say this is a good buy for their bosses for Christmas.



FITBIZ by Daniel Nyiri and summary here written by Parita Patel 


I am an entrepreneur with a business in fashion as well as a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. Daniel Nyiri is the reason I have made reading a big priority in my life.  With every review he writes and every monthly book report he posts, the words of him speaking the importance of reading and consistently educating yourself are more true than you might think!


When I read his book I considered my business for every piece of advice he includes. And whether it’s a jewelry business like mine or a personal training studio like his, the principles will apply to improve anything. From not considering a failure as something to learn from to explaining how to hire the right staff, he does a fantastic job of outlining what it takes to build a successful business and scale it so you’re impacting the world in more ways than one.

He discusses passion and drive and how to build a business by working backwards from your 10 year goal. He discusses working smart not hard and how to build by being active ON the business instead of IN it. His real-life success is told page after page and you know there is absolutely zero bull**** and nothing but experiences and learnings.


This book is for: business owners (in every field) and entrepreneurs (both hopeful and current), it’s for gym managers or fitness studio owners, it’s for anyone that plans to employ someone someday because I’ve seen these principles actually work.


I highly recommend it to the people mentioned above. You’ll learn about yourself as well as learn ways to improve both you and your staff.




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