My Book Is Out! FITBIZ: Secrets of a Seven-Figure Gym!

February 28, 2017


I never would’ve imagined one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had in my life would be to open a box, filled with copies of my book.


I have to say it feels pretty great after spending years learning English just from watching TV and talking to people and struggling through reading books until the words stuck.


I have already received a pre-order of 150 copies of FITBIZ. It’s amazing that someone actually wants to read and learn from what I have written and by the time i have finished this post i have received a custom order of 75 books oversees as well. GREAT! This makes me want to write more! 


I also received two speaking requests that not only pay significantly more than I’ve received in the past, but are also in front of a much bigger audience!


Now that I can call myself an Author, I look forward to reaching my next goal of becoming a Best Selling Author. This can only be achieved with your help, by clicking HERE and purchasing this book!


Even if you aren’t in the fitness industry but you have a friend that is, or go to a personal trainer, or know anyone planning on starting their own business as a gym or fitness studio, this book is definitely for them. This book will be their fitness bible. Its something I wish I had for myself before I opened my studios because it would have saved me countless heartaches, money, prevented issues in hiring or with employees, and so much more.


I would have understood what divert busy really means and how to fix that! (I don’t understand what this is saying)


And honestly, if I had this book years ago, I definitely would look much younger today J! 


You Can Buy it Here!





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