February Book Report for Business Owners & Executives!

February 13, 2017

I swear sometimes I feel like I am allergic to people that say “Oh, you read that many books? I wish I had that much time on my hand.” I want to just shake them because NEWS FLASH- you have exactly the same amount of time as everyone else on this earth! It is YOU who chooses to manage it and obviously you’re doing a poor job with it. It comes down to choice. Before you throw this nonsense out there, how many hours per week do you spend on: watching TV, Facebook, gym, going out, haircuts, shopping, massages, video games, sleeping, etc.?


Because I can tell you that if you cut back 15 minutes of the above examples on a daily basis, you already have at least an hour for yourself just for reading.


How is it possible that the most successful people in the world read for hours every single day of their lives?


  • Warren Buffet (spends minimum 2 hours per day reading)

  • Bill Gates (even goes away for a month to just read)

  • Steve Jobs

  • Elon Musk (He eats books for breakfast… Running 3, highly successful companies yet still has time to read countless amount of books daily)

  • Mark Cuban (When he was absolutely broke he bought a book instead of clothes or sometimes even instead of food! He knew a book is an investment and he could find at least one good idea he could use and make money off of it)

  • Mark Zuckerburg

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (spent hours in the gym, worked his ass off not only body building but also in real estate and acting! Yet he still had time to read many, many books per year)


The list could go on and on! How is that possible that these wildly successful billionaires—who run more than one company—are able to read over 40 books per year and you are not able to read 5-10?


It really comes down to choice… And the choice is yours. It is exactly the same excuse people use for their health. When it’s uncomfortable, too difficult or you just don’t want to do it you will say “I wish I had time for that.” But I just don’t.




Reading isn't something that should be done once a week just to check off your list; it's something that needs to be done every day.


Why do I read? I read so I can stay on top of my game. Information is out there for everyone. So if my competition is not reading, I am already ahead of them!


I choose to get up 2 hours earlier and I sleep less use that time to get up and read 2 hours daily. 6 hours of sleep is more than enough, despite what you may believe. That is what Arnold Schwarzenegger lived off all his life while he became extremely successful.


When you read a book, don’t just read it for the sake of saying you did it and have kept up your resolutions. You need to first figure out what you want to get out of it. What do you want to learn and use from this particular book? And I guarantee you will find it. If you just read, you will likely finish it, put it away and then it’ll have been no use for you. 


Therefore, come up with your reason and know what you want to get out of the book before you even begin reading it! Make choices with a purpose.




My February Reading list



 Bulls-eye by Brian Tracy 


Bulls-eye is a quick read about concentration and goal settings. It also goes over the importance of order and daily planning, which I do myself with the A, B, C, D, E system.

A is the most important task of the day and you must get it done to move forward or you will face consequences. B is something you should do. It is a task that needs to be done soon but definitely not before you have completed any of your A tasks! C tasks are nice to do. Something easy and pleasant like social media or emails. Social Networking is social, which would be C not A or B. And finally, D is to delegate a task to someone else to free up your time so you can work on tasks that are most important to your career. E is something you should eliminate. These are things that you should simply just say no to. 




 Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins  Click here to Review or Purchase this Book!


If you need some motivation it’s a great, short book. It is all about setting long term goals and determining what you want out of life! 


In Awaken the Giant Within, Tony shares the incredible story Honda back in 1938. A story about life-long success and never giving up. I would definitely recommend reading up on it! Everyone was laughing at Mr. Honda until he pulled it off, just as they did to Elon Musk at his early stages. 1938 was right in the midst of war and Honda was unable to get funding to build his factory but he didn’t give up and built it on his own! Then during the war his factory was bombed, twice, and guess what?! He focused on the positives and went on and continued. After all that, an earthquake destroyed the Honda factory. And he still pulled it off!

What happened with your business? Why did you give up?


What is even crazier is that after all of this, he was forced to sell his invention to Toyota, and after the war there was gas shortage so he couldn’t afford to drive so he developed a motor for bicycles. People saw him using it and with all the interest, he convinced the country that this is the way to go and manufactured motorcycles! And then finally in the 70s Honda went back into cars. What an amazing story!


Most people would probably think the constant destruction is a sign from God and everything is against them, clearly they should stop and move on and stop trying to build cars. Guess what!? For him the signs were not there! Because he had a goal he wanted to achieve and he was not looking at the negatives, only the positives. Most people would have given up way before because they start looking for the signs. Stop and realize, you  are creating those signs. If you think you should give up, your brain will start sending you all the signs you’re asking for, just like seeing a billboard on the way home. That’s not a sign, that’s you telling yourself to give up. 

Today, Honda is one of the biggest companies ever built with hundreds of thousands of employees.



Tools of the Titans by Timothy Ferriss  Click here to Review or Purchase this Book!


Wow what a brick of book! This book is just so amazing and useful! I used it for extra weight to level things out as a camera stand and as extra weight during bench press and to beat people. Kidding J, but it’s definitely a beast of all books! Before you get so scared of the size and think you can’t make it fit into your schedule let me tell you that this book is the book you have been waiting for! It is written for a wild audience. Usually a book that you buy around 150-250 pages was written for a single avatar of person! This book is the opposite of that and the writer wants you to skip the part that is not for you. He actually created the perfect system on how to read this book without any head aches and he set it up with the 50/25/10 % rules. Each reader will like 50%, 25% will love and 10% will never forget this book.

I highly recommend this book, pick it up and just start. I guarantee that you will find something in it that you can use in your life, family, business, personal development, even health and fitness for sure! I guarantee that you will have a *holy shit* moment in each of those categories!


If not you can still use this book as a meat pounder.

By the way, just the foreword from Arnold Schwarzenegger is worth the purchase! His foreword will be thought by leaders, parents and schools. Well said Arnold - now please do the honor and accept my foreword to my book as well. J


Last thoughts about this book: it is really great to see that a highly successful person who writes an amazing book like this among many other best sellers gets completely naked for you in this book. He writes the uncomfortable with no filter! He lets you in on his heartaches and struggles and honestly as you read it, it makes you wonder how the hell does this person get anything done?  


Must Read Pages:

  • 149- mind training 101

  • 144- make your bed (Morning Rituals)

  • 176- Arnold

  • 232- Peter Thiel

  • 290- Tim's income 

  • 210- Tony Robbins

  • 164- Chris Sacca

  • 292- True Fans idea for your growth

  • 362- how to earn your freedom

  • 489- Lazy: A Manifesto

  • 594- Testing the Impossible

  • 323- Daymond John

  • 21- Dominic D'AGOSTINO

  • 2- Amelia Boone

  • 182- Derek Sivers

  • 237- Seth Godin


Grinding it Out by Ray Kroc 


This is the true story behind McDonalds by Ray Kroc. He was a true salesman who started with paper cups. He was great and did it for decades but then switched over on his own to multi mixer after striking a bad deal of 60/40 split with his old company. But at that point he had no choice. He gave a great speech at Dartmouth College in March 1976 about entrepreneurship and he said you have to take risks. Not being a daredevil but you have to taking some risks. When you believe in something, either you are all in or you are out and taking reasonable risks takes out all the fun!


He put all his valuables in, including his house, to get a mortgage. He was definitely all in. But he believed in it. And worked his ass off.

At the age of 52 he was introduced to this tiny 200 sq. ft. restaurant called McDonalds. And it changed his and billions of people life forever. He was absolutely blown away by the brothers and their systemization. They reinvented the restaurant business. In a way, they did what Steve Jobs did. They ultimately simplified ordering, the menu, and the food for the customer. They cut out the drive-ins, the paper plates, napkins, forks, knives everything.


They simplified! Their two-kind of burger was built on a belt. Just like making a car where every employee had one job with each item and they were the best at that one thing. Like in the movie “Money Ball” when they hire players for one thing only. These people created that system in the restaurant business and they truly cared about the details- they timed the cooking, the fries, measured and made sure each patty was exactly the same size and looked the same and weighted in 1/10 of a pound. They made fries come back and made them delicious by following the right steps and actually cared about quality by not re-using oil like any other restaurant did. It’s hard to believe now but during the 50s they were revolutionizing the industry.

Ray stroke a deal with the McDonalds brother to get 1.9% from franchisees and gave 0.5% to the brothers while Ray was also collecting a $950 franchise fee to cover his costs. McDonalds sold franchises with a 20 year commitment. And after the deal he faced the true entrepreneurial heartaches: no one believing you. No one did. His wife, his friends and everyone called him stupid (soft in the head).


Why would a successful salesman trade his career for one in cheap burgers and fries? He was a joke to most people. Which is why I love the story so much. Since its the true story of an entrepreneur who was laughed at, and now has the last laugh with his ultimate empire. Of course then everyone wanted a piece of it and called him lucky, even though he worked his ass off and risked everything!


One thing that every single entrepreneur experiences when they become successful is the myth of overnight success! Just like Ray who was 52 years old when he started McDonalds and once he made it they called him overnight success. People don’t see the 30 years of insanity and hard work he put in by never giving up! 30 years is a long night! Get used to it, people only see the finished product in an entrepreneur!


PS: Ray never went to college didn’t have a high school diploma either. Any man with common sense, dedication to principles, and loves hard work can do it!





















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