Why every Entrepreneur and Business Owner should watch the new movie “The Founder.”

January 23, 2017



Although Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds, didn’t necessarily start the burger joint, he was responsible for building the empire one location at a time after he saw the potential of the business.  If you haven’t read the book about Ray, I highly recommend watching this movie so you can learn the following:



  • The power of positive thinking: Ray Kroc starts out in the movie as a struggling salesman from Illinois. He was rejected many times but that didn’t stop him from thinking positively after reading and listening to self motivation success books and audio.

  • Do not copy, create your own unique system: Analyze the market, find out what is wrong, and then come up with the solution. Back in 1950s there was no fast food like there is today. People would order food and it would take about 20-30 min to get it. Mac and Dick McDonald came up with the perfect solution by creating the option for “fast” food.

  • Test before you build/launch: The brothers went to a tennis court and used chalk to draw the exact measurements of the layout of their future store. They tested it by walking in it and moving things around. They even brought future employees to this training while they were building the physical store to make sure it flows smoothly in their custom kitchen and business.

  • Systemize and cut the fat: McDonalds did. They tested, systemized and cut out everything that was too expensive or too complex. They simplified. Every restaurant out there had plates, silverware and more but by removing all of that and providing customers with food in less than 30 seconds all ready to go, the game was changed. It was very simple & very effective. Not to mention every single burger looked exactly the same so customers always knew what they were getting!

  • Revolutionize & create your own category: You know you are on to something when there is no such thing as “fast food.” McDonalds created fast food when there was no such category at that time. They revolutionized the restaurant industry because if you can create your own category, you are golden! We are doing the same at 4U Fitness because there is nothing else in the market like our workout solution. We looked at the issues within the fitness and health industry and we realized, just like McDonalds, the biggest issue people are facing is no time to work out.  So we fixed that issue with our high tech invention. After that we realized that we also live in a convenient world which makes it difficult for people to eat nutritional food when unhealthy choices are just an arm’s reach away. Therefore we fixed both these problems with our scientifically-based workouts that only take two, 20 minutes per week sessions that are complemented with our easy-to-follow nutritional guidance. This ensures our clients stay more motivated than ever before! So don’t copy, be bold and create your own industry! For example, you won’t get rich, become successful, and definitely won’t make a difference in the world by simply creating a new social media platform. That has been done. It is time to innovate, not copy!

  • Get used to a NO and a lot of rejection: You are going to face this even from your loved ones. Don’t be surprised if everyone laughs at you at some point, until you make it. Every NO Is going to take you one step closer to a YES if you don’t give up! Once you make it, all the people who did not believe in you before will likely switch gears and say “oh well you got lucky” or some excuse like that. They don’t see you bust your ass every single day and don’t see the hardship, the sleepless nights and all the work you put in. All they see is the end results. You have to get used to that.

  • Don’t be afraid of getting dirty: Especially at the beginning, you will have to do all kinds of things to make it. You’ll see in the movie that Ray really cared and he was really passionate about McDonalds. He could not get it out of his head and was eating, breathing and dreaming about McDonalds! He was not afraid of getting dirty nor afraid of putting everything on the line by listening to his gut. Since everyone else said you are going to fail, he had to have faith in himself.

  • If you are in business you are always selling: As a matter of fact, if you live and walk on this world you are selling every single day. To your boss, to your coworker, parents, friends everyone you meet. It’s a part of your life, get used to it.

  • The Dip (book by Seth Godin) is a must read book: for every business owner because I guarantee you will experience a dip, Ray did with McDonalds. But he pulled through and made it. Everything starts out amazing and exciting, there is funding and there are sales, everyone is happy but then all of a sudden you hit this dip that every single business hits! And only a few survive this and pull through to become the next big thing like Ray did! Only ~15% of business pull through this phase. And once you do, you don’t just ‘make it,” there is no word for it but your business just becomes amazingly successful because of what you learned through this dip.

  • If you can’t beat them buy them: A well learned lesson that you will learn from this movie!


The final advice you will learn from Ray Kroc is that persistence and determination is far more powerful than anything else!


Now go watch the movie and read the book for more details:

 Grinding it Out: The Making of McDonalds





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