First Book Recommendations of the Year for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners!

January 11, 2017

January Book Report


I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and I know you are going to have an even better 2017!


If you didn’t read as many books as you wanted to in 2016, let’s make it a new year’s resolution and accomplish that goal in 2017!


My biggest piece of advice: set a specific reading schedule EVERY DAY.


Instead of 30 minutes of TV, swap your TV for a book and dedicate this very small amount of time to developing yourself. If you’re planning on watching TV for 2 hours, you better read for 2 hours first.


Start reading every day to make it a habit. Just 30 min a day is a perfect starting point. Make sure to block off that time no matter what. Put it into your calendar as if you have a meeting! You wouldn’t cancel a meeting would you? Even if a potential buyer or client that you have been chasing calls and asks for a 2 pm meeting, but your reading time is scheduled for 2 pm, say “I am sorry I can not do that time I am already with a client. How about 2:30?” And more than likely they will say ok. If they say no than you should not go into business with that person anyways. Not to mention it will send a good signal that you do have other people to take care of as well. So no excuses! It will only take 30 min of your time. Get up 30 min earlier OR go to bed 30 min later. If you’re on social media for 30 min a day looking at pictures and watching videos, can you imagine if you took that 30 min to learn something instead?


If you don’t have a set of schedule yet I highly recommend you make one.


Try this exercise: write down everything you do in a day into a time table. Just look and see how much time you’re wasting vs. how much time you spend on being effective.



Unlimited Memory:-> Review or Purchase this Book By Clicking Here!

What a great book. It really opens up the door for you learn how to have a photographic memory.  I have been using these techniques for most of my life but he had some amazing ideas on top of what I already knew. And it really took my memory to the next level while also teaching me what not to do. I learned the first 12 presidents in the right order in less than 15 seconds. And when I say “learned” I mean I can recall them in any order whenever, wherever.  Forward or backwards.


It is a great book if you want a memory bank like Sherlock Holmes!




E myth:-> Review or Purchase this Book By Clicking Here!


This book will show you exactly how a business is supposed to work. It says why most people who start a business simply because they love what they do and are really good at it, failed more than 85% of the time, and tells you WHY they failed. It will show you the difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur. And that, unless you know how to run a business, you should not start a business just because you are good at something. Because as soon as you start a business, you have to leave behind the job you had before which is being a technician IN your business. You need to work ON the business instead of IN the business.


This is a great read for anyone who is going to start a business and I highly recommend that you do not start any type of business before reading this book. If you don’t have this general knowledge you will fail. This is a great start!



Scaling Up: -> Review or Purchase this Book by Clicking Here!


WOW! What a book! It took me a lot longer to read it because this is not a book that you read with your morning coffee. This is a book that you study, analyze and take immediate action as you learn from it. This book should be a MUST read for a CFO or accountant and really, any business owner who wants to scale up their business.  CEO’s and managers should have this book taught at their workplace. It not only addresses all the core elements on how to run an absolutely successful business it also teaches you step by step how to!


Written by Verne Hernish, who is considered the most respected business growth expert out there. I highly recommend to any entrepreneur. If you have not read this book and you own a business, you are way behind everyone else by not having this knowledge. Take this advantage and read it!


Leadership and the One Minute Manager -> Review or Purchase this Book by Clicking Here!


It is an amazing book about Situational leadership, which I consider the most effective leadership. This book will teach you that there is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals and that every single person you hire has peak performance potential- you just need to know where they are coming from and meet them there


It is a very quick read, only 100 pages which you can easily do. This book is as valuable as a good leader – priceless. Every business owner, entrepreneur or manager needs to read this book which is about hiring or managing people. And if you already do those things and you haven’t read this book before, you are really missing out and you are probably making some big mistakes right now.

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