December Book Recommendations for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

December 10, 2016



5 Temptations of a CEO-> Click On Picture to Review Or Purchase this Book!


This is my top book for the month. I believe every CEO, Manager and Leader,

coach, etc. should read it. In my opinion, this book is key to the success

of any business. The information in this book will help you realize the 5

most common temptations. And I can almost guarantee that when you read this,

you will find that you have at least one of the five temptations. You may

even see yourself in the remaining 4 as a little reflection or from

experiences in the past. I kept thinking to myself while I was reading this

that I wish I read this book many years ago! I would have done so many

things differently. Patrick Lencioni does an amazing job delivering the

story and connecting the theme to the reader. It is one of those books that

you just can't put down once you start reading because you just have to know

what's next. Luckily this book is only about 150 pages so you can finish it

in a couple hours. I highly recommend it! 


The Everything Store-> Click On Picture to Review Or Purchase this Book!


Amazon store. It is crazy to think of the rollercoaster ride this company

took to get where they are today. What impresses me even more is how the

team pulled everything off despite going through so many changes. You will

learn that Amazon first started just as an online book store. Later on they

added in movies, toys and jewelry. At one point they even had an online

engagement ring designer that allowed for you to search and pick the rock

and the setting. They designed it in a way that if you bought a ring at

$2000 value, the appraisal would come back valued as $2600. Jeff definitely

had a different idea about retail. 


I was amazed to read about the story and the fight/race between Barns and

Nobles, eBay and many more companies. 



To Pixar and Beyond-> Click On Picture To Review Or Purchase this Book!



arrived, I read it. It is an amazing story of Pixar and the revolution of

animation in the entertainment industry! It is very detailed and tells the

tale of Pixar by Lawrence Levy CFO of Pixar. When Steve Jobs called him to

come in as CFO, you would think, "Who would say no to Steve Jobs and

Pixar?". Well at that time Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and NEXT was

failing while Pixar was already an 8-year old company with no profits but

big losses. Steve put in 50 million just to be able to cover payroll. 


So at the time, Lawrence had a really tough decision to make. With much

disparagement from many, (excluding his wife), he made the bold decision to

leave his current job and go in with a one hit wonder, Steve Jobs. As it

turns out, the naysayers were wrong. Lawrence and Jobs pulled it off.  


This book will inform you on how they revolutionized the movie industry. It

is absolutely incredible to read what they did to change the industry! Their

story needs to be read by everyone, especially those who are involved in the

film industry.  In addition to the incredible story, you will also be walked

through the process of how to take a company public and all the IPO




The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business


you don't have a CFO this book should be the first book on your to-do list.

If you currently have a CFO, you should still read it unless you have an MBA

in accounting. 

There is no reason not to read this. It will give you all the tools you will

need to read the scoreboard of your business! If you can't interpret the

score, then how do you know if you are winning or losing? If you are person

that hates numbers, or even worse, you just don't understand them; then go

buy this book right now. This book will teach you how to measure your

success without an MBA and it will show you how to discover the things that

are draining your business. Furthermore, it will give you some info on how

to fix it as well.

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