My November Book Recommendations for Entrepreneurs and CEO's

November 14, 2016

One of my favorite reads this month was Doing the Impossible” by Patrick Bet David.

He wrote the following statement in which I 100% agree with and am practicing myself.


“I probably couldn’t tell you a single son on the billboard charts right now. The reality is that I don’t listen to the radio much. I listen to CDs that teach me principles to build my identity. I listen to inspiring stories and biographies, and experts on finance and business. I listen and I Learn.”


Patrick made a valid point in regards to how we spend our time. For example, if you reside in a big city then it his highly likely that you spend about a days' worth of time driving in your car. In total, that is 365 hours per year of positional education time. So why not use it to your advantage? Almost anything is available on audiobooks nowadays. Thank you Patrick.




1) Doing the Impossible -   An amazing short book with many of my favorite quotes! I really liked the hard work aspect of this book. People want results without the work, and the books that promise that really do people a disservice. Patrick does a great job on emphasizing that fact. You should evaluate your commitment to do the work, and feel motivated to make it happen. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is starting out or already in business! 

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2) The Happiness Advantage – One of my favorite books! I wish that I read this book 1st! It was recommended by Richard Branson and I too also highly recommend this book! If you have not read this book you are missing out big time! Your competition will always outperform you if he/she reads this book and utilizes its principles.


It has helped me become a better person, husband and leader. If you know me, you know that I am a very very very positive person. But this book opened the world of positives for me on a whole new level! Now people benefit even more from my positives and can utilize it better for their everyday life and work. It is full of case studies from Stanford, Harvard and Yale, which are my favorites as far as research goes.  Thank you Shawn Achor for this piece of art! This should be introduced in every school.

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3) The Secret of a 6 Figure PT – This is a pretty interesting book and it captures the truth about many things in the business world. If you are just starting your personal training business you should definitely read this book. It contains a lot of useful information, but of course it is up to you take it and use it. It definitely works. I agree with many of the concepts in the book and we have been taking similar actions because, well, its simple and it works!  It’s also a quick and entertaining read. I really like the psychology aspect of it because our studios believe that the mind is a major tool. Also, if you don’t have your sales pitch done yet, then let this be your next book!


4) The Dip by Seth Godin - This book was recommended to me by Topher Morrison.

When I read the first page, I almost threw it out because the 1st comments mentioned “quitting”. However, a reading through the next couple of pages, I realized the real value of this book. It explains the “dip” and why so many people fail to succeed and fail to quit and how to not become average. If you want to be average, then just quit already. This book is for people who want to be the #1 in their industry and it explains how to take advantage of that spot. This book teaches you how to become the #1 in your area and even in your world. It’s a quick read. I highly recommend it!

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