August Book Recommendations for CEO's and Business Owners by Daniel Nyiri

August 19, 2016


People ask me how I have the time to read so much?


First of all, this is no secret... finding time to read comes down to



I don't really watch TV. It's on in the background but I’m not paying attention.


An average person spends 3-4 hours a day watching TV, one hour or more commuting, and another 2-3 hours a week shopping. That's about 25 hours per week and 1,500 minutes. If you read a page a minute, that’s 1,500 pages a week.


Same goes for exercise! We developed our system for people who keep

saying they don't have time to work out!


There is no excuse when our specialized workout only requires TWO, 20-minute sessions per week… and that's it!


Most people spend countless hours per week in the gym! And yet they don't have time to read. That's hard to believe. If you started a company or you are a CEO,

then you are paid to use your brain. So it’s in your best interest to grow

that brain as big as possible!


For example, take a look at Arnold! He was in the fitness industry and had to build muscle in order to succeed in his field! So he worked hard and spent countless hours to make his muscles the biggest in order to become Mr. Olympia…several times!


Reading isn't something to be done once a week and to check off your list; it's

something that needs to be done every day.


Why do I read? I read so I can stay on top of my game.  This info is out there for everyone. So if my competition is not reading, I am already ahead of them!


But I mainly read to increase my knowledge and to learn english.


Warren Buffet once said that the rich invest in time, the poor invest in

money. I totally agree with that.


People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But

that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the 100 other good ideas that are there. You have to pick carefully. I am actually as proud of the many things we haven't done as the things we have done.

- Steve Jobs


Charlie Munger once said something like: If you have an

Interdisciplinary mindset you're just going to go through books like a

scavenger slotting out of the book into your own internal system and relay to



#1 Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future


I really enjoyed this book! A book that makes you really excited about the future! He is the real life

Tony Stark. This is an early story of one of the greatest entrepreneurs/inventors of our time!

I believe, there will be many more books to come about him, his plans and accomplishments. 


#2 Twelve Against the Gods


It features biographies of 12 historical figures, from Alexander the Great to Woodrow Wilson


The core idea of this book, which I love, is that greats throughout history are typically remembered for the one incredible thing at which they excelled - yet we forget that many were absolute failures at most everything else. Bolitho hilariously depicts the rise and downfall of some of the most familiar names in world history. 

#3 Smarter Faster Better


It has lots of useful information on how to be more productive and accomplish more. I liked how he used real life stories to make his points however sometimes I felt like those stories could have been shorter. Otherwise it’s a great book and I recommend it.



#4 Digital Bacon


I met with author personally. He wrote the book in both Spanish and English. I read both. Kidding unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish. 


The book is amazing. He has a very successful company and he gives away all his secret formulas in this book. So if you want an edge on advertising or want to start your own agency this book is a good start! 




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