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July 13, 2016


It's the newest way to get in shape. It's called Electro Fitness and it's fairly new to the U.S.


It began in Hungary, and is used by many athletes throughout Europe and around the world.


Daniel Nyiri brought it to Tampa from Hungary. Until recently, the Bay Area was the only place in the country where the class was offered.


"You wear this full body suit, and each group of muscles is connected to an electrode. The trainer controls that, and what the machine does is actually stimulates your muscles," says Nyiri as he puts the suit on another trainer.


Sound intense? It is.


Once the suit is dampened with water so electricity can flow, it's hooked into the E-Fit machine where the trainer chooses how intense the muscle contractions should be based on your fitness and overall health.


Trainer, Ryan Oltz, showed us how the session works.


"Everything is working at once. So, there's not one part of your body that's not exhausted. I'm exhausted now and I've only been working for two minutes," he says.


While it sounds scary, electrodes stimulating your muscles, Oltz says it doesn't hurt. 


"It's not a pain. It feels good. the whole body is flexing at one time."


It's a 20 minute workout, equivalent to 60 minutes of weight training, and is especially good for someone who may have back or joint problems. 


With a cool down described to feel like a deep tissue massage, it certainly makes those 20 minutes of pain and sweat worth it.


Nyiri says if you have heart problems, to see a doctor first to know how much you can handle when choosing a workout class. He also says this particular class is not for pregnant women. 


Right now, you can only take an E-Fit class at 4U Fitness. 


The Bay Area has two locations:


Tampa: 4036 W Kennedy Blvd.


St. Petersburg: 430 Fourth St. S


One class costs $60.

For more information click HERE.

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