Benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

May 31, 2016

I somehow stumbled upon this article online by Jimson Lee - Electric Muscle Stimulation Benefits


I agree with most of this article! Especially the part when he talks about spot reduction... Which doesn't exist! The reason why he discusses EMS and spot reduction is because at the time that he wrote this article, there were no Full Body EMS workout suits available like ours! So those hand units you might see on TV for a couple hundred dollars marked for fat loss are basically knock offs... And there is no way you are going to get 6 pack abs nor on spot reduction from it. A real EMS device costs more than your car! So don't expect results from some hand-held unit that you buy at the Skymall :)


These units sold for fat loss purposes are completely useless since you can only train one muscle group at a time. However, with the full Body EMS suits you can train all of your muscles simultaneously. They are two completely different products.


With the full body suits you activate about 95% of your muscle fibers. This amount of recruitment is impossible with conventional training. For athletes and power lifters who believe in and use some sort of EMS device; they can really take their training to the next level with the full body suit!




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