Daniel Z.


Start-up Entrepreneur  -  Speaker
Fitness Professional  

Daniel Z.


START-UP ENTREPRENEUR  -  SPEAKER  -  Fitness Professional  


Daniel Nyiri is a Best Selling Author and the Founder/CEO of 4U Fitness in the U.S. among many other companies he helps fitness professionals to succeed in this very competitive market. 

4U Fitness epitomizes the american dream. Founded by a 21 year old who came to the U.S. with only $150 in his pocket and a language barrier, he knew that with hard work and dedication he could make great things happen.

Daniel is an entrepreneur with one goal:
To revolutionize the fitness industry. And in just a few years he has already begun to make an impact. Nyiri’s business has been featured in top-rated publications: Entrepreneur Magazine, Tampa Bay Times, and Business Observer, as well as on TV with “The Doctors” and in fitness industry publications including Oxygen Magazine & Men’s Journal. In 2017 he was also featured in the movie Generation Iron 2. Daniel is also the host of "The FitBiz Journey Podcast" and "The Journey of an Entrepreneur" Vlog.


Daniel Nyiri, is responsible for bringing Electro Fitness, or E-Fit, to the United States. He developed, introduced and earned 510(k) clearance from the FDA with the founder of E-Fit Dr. Janos Papp for the high tech workout machine. Since gaining clearance in October 2014, the 4U Fitness brand and E-Fit awareness has flourished in Florida and has picked up national recognition.

Daniel Z.


START-UP ENTREPRENEUR  -  SPEAKER  -  Fitness Professional  

Start-up Entrepreneur  -  Speaker  -  Fitness Professional  

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A high tech fitness studio with a revolutionary fitness device that uses electrical muscle stimulation to scientifically customize programs and workouts that better fits the needs and goals of each individual.


As the one person bringing it to the United States, starting in Tampa Bay, Nyiri already sees the trend catching on. His nine EMS trainers field back-to-back client appointments from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Is the secret to your best workout a jolt of electricity? 

The Doctors examine a 

shocking new fitness craze!

Fitness expert Lacey Stone suits up in Electric Muscle Stimulation gear for an intensive 20 minute workout.

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